Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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I just acquired a copy of SPI's Red Sun Rising, and my new issue of C3i arrived today.

Oh joy...
Just bought ASL journal #2 reprint and C3i #24 magazine!

Yee haw!!
World at War magazines numbers 7, 8 and 12 (DG), C3i #23 (GMT), and subscribed for World at War, starting with #14 (GD).

Seriously considering to buy the reprint of Flying Colors, by GMT.
Correction, I bought C3I magazine #22, not #23, 23 will have to wait until next month along with Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943.
I most recently picked up FAB: Bulge through a BGG auction, and since my son loved Pizza Box Football, I found PB Baseball at another auction for $5!  Also picked up the Blood Reef Guide from MMP as well as Out of The Attic2.  Good stuff!
I recently jumped into wargaming, starting with Memoir 44 and Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943.
I then, very quickly, purchased Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel (best game I've ever played), Glory III (GMT), Twilight Struggle (GMT), Clash of Giants II (GMT), Grand Illusion (GMT), Richard III (Columbia Games), Julius Caesar (Columbia Games), WW2 Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT) and lastly, ASL SK #1.

*whew* That's a lot to take in... of the new stuff I've only had time to play Conflict of Heroes and ASL SK #1 so far.

Clearly ASL will be the biggest challenge, but I really think Conflict of Heroes is going to be the game system that dominates my game-time. I'm very eager to try all of these games but for now it's Conflict of Heroes and ASL SK #1. In-fact, I've started a video series to chronicle my progress through learning ASL from the very beginning. At the time of this writing there is only the first video. You can see it at www.GettingBoard.com

Of the games I listed here, which would you most like to play?
Twilight Struggle
ATO 29: Buffalo Wings, S&T 264: The Battle of Shiloh, and GMT's C3I #24.
Just picked up Normandy '44 yesterday and GD '42, Frontline and Dixit should be showing up today. The wife's family is coming over tomorrow night so I thought Dixit would work well, unless I can get them interested in a game of Europe Engulfed ;)
After years of refusing to pay inflated 'collector's prices, finally got a replacement Ace of Aces 1980 Nova Rotary Series set via e-Bay - 10.49 for the winning bid; 10 shipping.
I just got this one recently in a trade and it really is a fun game. Such a cool system.
I think so, too, I have the "Handy Rotary", "Power House" and "Balloon Busting" modules. My group once played with 8 players, I remember it was a blast.

Is there a VASSAL module for this series of games ?


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