Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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Now looking for Power House set....another two years?
Hold the Line and French and Indian War Expansion. Played one game so far - not bad - similar to miniatures.
C3i#24, has some good articles about Washington's War, Asia Engulfed.
Hold the line is one of my favorite quick wargames. It actually is probably one of my favorites period.
Busy month - 4 Pre-orders from GMT;

Sword of Rome got charged today; Flying Colors, Paths of Glory and Here I Stand.

In the middle of all that, MMP finds DAK2 parts and puts 100 up for sale - had to buy it!
Bill, is it still available ? I just went to the MMP webpage and it is stated that it is currently out of print, just to the side of quantity field.
Never mind, they already run out of copies :(
No, they sold out in a few days. I got mine though! Now I just need a basement ;)
Shown up in the past month: GMT's GERMANTOWN and PENSACOLA: 1871, Legion Games' SAIPAN AND TINIAN, Grognard Games' titles on the same, plus GUAM and IWO JIMA, Red Sash Games's CHARLIE'S YEAR REDUX, and the latest OPERATIONS magazine Special Edition as well as WORLD AT WAR magazine's INVASION: PEARL HARBOR. RED GUARDS TANK ARMY also showed up. Going to take a while to burn through all these games this fall!
air force (AH) and waterloo(AH) 1962-waitin on both
I just got Pacific Crossroads, Plan Scarlett, White Eagles and Polish Steel from Avalanche Press.
Latest acquisitions were Consim Press' Beda Fomm, MMP's Bastogne: Screaming Eagles Under Siege, and Battles Magazine's A Week in Hell: The Battle of Hue (a solitaire game). I've pre-ordered a bunch of stuff - Kawaguchi's Gamble - the Edson's Ridge area-movement game from MMP, No Question of Surrender from MMP, Operation Dauntless from GMT, and the Heights of Courage SCS game, also from MMP. I'm sure I'm forgetting something else... :)


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'Storming Juno' [Introductory Scenario #2] - 6 June 1944. [The Greatest Day [MMP, 2015]

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