Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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Neuroshima Hex! and Zombiaki.
Went on a spree recently. Best of the Euro bunch appears to be Origins. Was pleasantly surprised to find some depth in Jamaica, which I had thought would be a quick "light and fluffy" filler game. Another fun filler is Roll Through The Ages. Played and enjoyed In The Year of the Dragon several times now. The sick and twisted part of my brain is particularly delighted that my supersmart sister just can't seem to get a handle on that game! Haven't tried Feudo yet, but not sure after reading up on BGG if that was such a smart purchase. Munchkin Quest was mostly fun... once... can't see playing it again, though. Blood & Bridges looks promising, but I haven't even gotten to it yet. There may have been something else in the stack I toted home, but I can't think of it right now.

Best purchase this week month: ticket to CSW Expo!!!

A trip to CSW Expo would be a dream!
Seriously! Having finally gone a few years ago, I decided that was THE CON that I don't want to miss again if I can help it. Due to the expense of the trip, however, we had to wait to check finances before we could commit. Since hubby and I both go, it nearly doubles the expense. But it is well worth every penny!
My recommendation is to buy Blood & Bridges! In fact, Lock n' Load games are outstanding! Band of Heroes and expansions somewhat led me away from ATS and ASL. Kudos to Mark Walker and co.!!!
Bastogne (MMP) and Battles with the Gringos (GMT) came in last week...
World at War #4 and a stack of recent S&Ts
Devil's Cauldron

Am looking for Breakout Normandy
I just got WaW #1 Barbarossa and The Big Push from AtO.
Red Parachutes - AP
Kanev - S&T

Acquired in a trade - I got rid of a spare copy of VG's The Civil War.
In last 4-6 weeks, received as pre-orders from GMT; "Battle with the Gringos" module and "Halls of Montezuma". From DVG; "Field Commander: Alexander". For my birthday in March I bought for myself: Firefight's "Zolfaqar's Blow", Compass Game's "Spanish Eagles" and "Spartacvs". And then there were the games with ATO, S&T, and W@W.
I went on a spree and got my hands on all four volumes of GDW's Third World War. At first I thought I overspent because they were punched, But the previous owners had taken real good care of them, the boxes were in mint condition and the rules, maps were on awesome shape.

I also got some S&T's, an ATO and the new Battles Magazine (which is a new benchmark wow is it pretty and chock full of gamer content),,,


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