Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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I have purchased PB:Hill of Death, AMDT(A Most Dangerous Time), and I have traded for FITS(Fire in the Sky).
I just bought some Avalanche Press games through their recent sales: Leyte Gulf and Arctic Convoy (Second World War at Sea) are both on their way, along with Soldier Emperor, and I have France 1940 (Panzer Grenadier) on order.
I've recently purchased the Special Operations Issue #1 from MMP. Very cool edition. Now if I could just get my hands on the journals and annuals...I'm also trying to locate a copy of Solitaire ASL v2. I even emailed MMP and they said "We do not have anything available for ASL Solitaire at this time. It has been out of print for a couple of years now. There has been some talk by the owners about reprinting the game but no final decision has been made. If the owners decide to reprint ASL Solitaire, we will announce it on our website." So if anyone of you have a copy of SASL v2 that you would let go to a noob for a fair price....Thanks.
I just picked up a copy of The Mighty Endeavor . I also have a punched copy of RAF on the way.
I purchased HO plastic American Civil War soldiers et al. I'm going to add a supplement to my book using brigade level units for ACW as I did for Napoleonic Wars. I used to have a large ACW HO plastic (only Airfix back then) army but I sold it when I switched to 6mm. So I will have 2mm, 6mm, HO, and 54mm ACW armies. Why not?
Lets see, lots of stuff: From Monstercon; VP's Vittoria20, Bussaco20, Modules for No Retreat(Na Berlin) and Ancient Battles Deluxe(Strange Ordnance). Flea market-Task Force Game's Viceroys and Clash of Arms's La Bataille de Corunna. And last day a door price: Decision's War on Terror card game.

Pre-Orders: Europa Simulazioni's Guelphs and Ghibellines and Decision's RAF.
Just had my B-day, and my beautiful wife surprised me with a copy of ASL Valor of the Guards and Pegasus Bridge. I've also bought (for a reasonable price) a ziplock version of Solitaire ASL v2. My wife is great!
I have picked up a few this year. AIRSHIPS AT WAR, 1914-1941 by Sierra Madre Games, a very clever design and hugely atmospheric along with its expansion AIRSHIPS AT WAR, 1916-1942 RIESENFLUGZEUGABTEILUNGEN. (How's that for a name.) ANCIENT BATTLES by Victory Point Games, and also their BULGE game. I also have BATTLE IN THE CLOUDS on preorder, part of the Great Campaigns of the Civil War series. The games in this series are beautiful.
Pre-orders came in close together. GMT's 'Elusive Victory', Decision's APTO, and Worthington's 'Chainmail'.
I bought the expansion to Twilight Imperium 3rd edition today.
I bought Darkest December (Critical Hit ATS game) and Wings of War last Saturday at a game/comic store for a combined price of $51 or so. Prior to that I bought the 12th anniversary editions of Airships at War and Reisenfleugzeugabteilungen by mail, direct from Sierra Madre for half price (upgrade price for owning earlier editions of both).

I'm currently considering B-29 Superfortress (Khyber Pass), but have yet to take the plunge.

These purchases represent a bit of a revival for me, as I haven't purchased a wargame for quite a while.
I just picked up Beyond Valor 2nd edition with Red Barricades. I feel like I've discovered the "Pearl of Great Price" :-). Now I need to dig back into the starter kits. I'm coming off a year-long gaming fast/hiatus.

I also got Pegasus Bridge (ASL) for 99cents! Apparently no one else was paying attention on eBay. I'll look to pick up Valor of the Guards while it is out and inexpensive.

I'm also eagerly looking for The Killing Ground by New England Simulations. I may just get Overlord and the connector kit, but I'd like to get my hands on the main game if possible. Anyone interested in selling or trading? Punched is fine. I've got OCS Sicily available if anyone wants a swap. I may sell that and some other titles, with combination available for swap for KG.


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