Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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I have ordered nothing, and I own no games. The reason for this, is I am in an unfortunate position of not having anyone to play against. I do not know a single person into wargaming.
Many years ago I owned alot of strategy games, most of which i never played due to lack of opponents. I did of course play them on my own, but it is just not the same.

So guys, if you have a gaming group, or some opponents, consider yourself lucky!!
same story though have re-acquired games as hope springs eternal. Someone may want to play 1 of the old SSis they can get for free someday...
Been on a binge.Bought Omaha Beach Solitaire, RAFII, A Victory Denied, 1805: Seas of Glory, Bastogne and Field of Fire in the last month.
Most recently, bought A Victory Denied and two copies of Space Hulk 3e. Also picked up a copy of the 1st and 2nd editions of Hulk to go along with Space crusade. I can't really be bothered with trying to play too many of the new releases, sticking to basic systems and subject matter that I can get through in a gaming day easily enough.
This week, D-Day at Omaha Beach solitaire, RAF II solitaire, Up Front (yippee!), Fields of Fire, and Field Commander Rommel.

I was in a solitaire mood, lol!
A lot of pre-orders finally got filled in the past few weeks. Lemmesee...got GMT'S A VICTORY DENIED and ELUSIVE VICTORY. Legion Wargame's ICI, C'EST LA FRANCE. Avalanche came through with FRANCE: 1940 (Panzergrenadier series). Mark Walker's reprint and upgrade (2nd Ed) LOCK N' LOAD: BAND OF HEROES arrived with Columbia's RICHARD III block game on the War of the Roses. Best of all, MMP's latest OPERATIONS special edition arrived with a Carentan game for PANZERBLITZ: HILL OF DEATH (at last! Americans!). And a nifty little game on the CRUSADER battles in North Africa called BRAVERY IN THE SAND or BITS! Don't yet know how it compares to Walker's TOTENSONNTAG.
Just picked up Titan by Valley Games. Been forever since I played the original Titan and been wanting to pick up a copy for a while. Saw it yesterday and bought it.
GMT games, the ancient battle series.
Just mainly old Spis & Wargamer(3w)s I had before I moved to Vegas 4.5 yrs ago. Most I never got to play back in Mass & likely will not here either. Did get the SSI Gettysburg so can play solitaire along with Battles of Nap. 13 The Colonies Revolt & Ney vs Wellington were new for me in the ebay batch. 7 mags w/mosylt mint games + 2 folios (Dixie + Punic Wars) for $77 wasn't bad though I now see Eylau has 100 vs 115 counters - no Napoleon:(. No need to buy/learn new games when great old 1s like fred the Great & 1776 sit around unplayed...
Got MARIA in the mail yesterday...a distant cousin to FRIEDRICH, this one covering the War of Austrian Succession. Should play a lot faster than the Red Sash trilogy covering the same topic (oh, but MARIA does NOT cover the Italian Front). 3 player game, interestingly enough. Obtained courtesy Simmons Games. Looks very, very interesting...
I need to play the War of Austrian Succession by them....
I just made an order to Noble Knight Games:

Elusive Victory (GMT)
Sealords on the Mekong Delta (S&T)
Nordkapp (S&T)
Fortress Berlin (ATO)

Let's see when I have time to play them, and can cover them in Line of Departure.


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