No need for monthly installments.

What are you doing to prep games?

Clipping counters? P'n'P? Building expansions to your house to fit Case Blue?

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Another one that is colecting dust in the shelf :(

clipping Julius Caesar - Conquest of Gaul Bibacrate.

Continuing to refine the VASSAL module for Virgin Queen. It's in good working order thus far, playtesters are finding the rough edges.

Burma-Campaign game

1914 Twilight in the East

and possibly Vietnam 1965-75

Final clipping for Wacht am Rhein (the 2005 version). We wrapped up Battle for Normandy, so this is up for Monday night.

I've downloaded VASSAL for Assault (GDW, 1983), so learning that (VASSAL, that is) is on my radar.

Two Star Fleet Battles gatherings for me this month, I've collected SSDs and counters for them both.

Final clipping

Just how many clippings do you perform?

I thought I was hard-core for reclipping a game that someone else had already done.

If you've got time to re-clip, you've got too much time. How about I ship you some of my games to clip in your spare time Enrico?   :-D

Sure. Can't guarantee when I'll be able to say I'm done clipping them though.

Gotta be certain they won't need to be re-clipped and all.

Certainly after a playing, at the least.  

As to the one 're-clipping', most counters weren't full four corner clipped.

It was intolerable.

Not re-clipping, but on the last countersheet.

Clipping God Kings

There is a game that interests me. At least the subject matter does. I have not seen a lot of meaty discussion about it though. Mainly just rules questions and clarifications plus a historical review.

Fairly new. Trying to put my biases aside (i.e. not being too disappointed that

it gets the standard light CDG treatment).


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