Hello all.  I've been on CSW since the late 90's, but I do most of my chatting on BGG.  Now that I've found these fora, I may stick around here more often. :)


I'm trying to get my finger on the pulse of wargaming demographics.  So:


How old are you?

What got you into gaming?

What is your gender?

How many people do you have locally at your disposal to play with?

What is their gender/age distribution?

How do you know them?


Here are my answers:


I just turned 37.


My brothers, both significantly older than me, got me into wargaming in the early 80s with their subscription to Ares and some SPI and AH titles.  I became a hardcore wargamer around 1990 when I started a Conflict Simulations club at high school (the Gamer's Guild) and played things like Diplomacy, Grand Imperialism, Star Fleet Battles and Kingmaker.


I'm a guy.


In my close circle, I've got around a half-dozen people who are readily available and another dozen or so who are available if I plan far enough in advance.


In the inner circle, all of them are younger than me.  My wife is the closest, at 34.  My daughter is the youngest, turning 7 this week.  I basically converted into wargamers a bunch of 20-somethings that I met through college.  Most of the games we play are older gems (Civilization, Pax Britannica, Kingmaker, Barbarian, Kingdom and Empire...).  The newer games just don't do it for me, for the most part. 


There used to be more girls in the inner circle, and the inner circle used to be bigger, but many people have moved away.  The outer circle includes several girls, and the age range is greater as it includes my older brother and his gaming pals and some folks I bet through BGG. 


How about you?


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With males, most of the guys I gamed with already had - for good or ill.

Only introduced a handful.

What games are you playing Ania? 

Not sure what part of the country you are in, but, I thought for years that there was just no one in my locality that played.  Over the last couple of years I have reached out and now I have a cadre of local wargamers.  I used to play online using Cyberboard, Vassal and ADC2.  Now, I almost exclusively play face to face.  Unless you are in a rural area you should be able to find some players over time.  It is well worth it!

How old are you?

I am 54.


What got you into gaming?

When I was 14, I saw AH Afrika Korps and Stalingrad at the top of a shelf in a friends house. I asked what they were and he answered that he didn't know how to PLAY them. I bought them from him, and that started my involvement with wargames. I still have thoose two games (falling to pieces, but still with me).


What is your gender?



How many people do you have locally at your disposal to play with?

4 friends that I can count to game once in a while. Some 10 others that rarelly play.


What is their gender/age distribution?

All males, from 20 (suns of wargaming friends) to 53 years old. Most are in their late 40's/early 50's


How do you know them?

Most of them from college, some from meetups and some others are friends from friends :)

How old are you?

>35 years old

What got you into gaming?

Started gaming in the early to mid 80s with Dungeons and Dragons.  Afterwards, I played a lot of PC games during the 90s and 2000s.  The closest I got to a hex and counter game was Panzer General on PC at that time.  Around 2006 or 2007, I was introduced to a local gaming meet where I played euros and "american style" games.  Then I met Mark Humphries who introduced me to Victory in the Pacific.  I was always interested in military history and was pleasantly surprised that such a hobby existed.  I've sold most of my PC Games, euros and "ameri-games" and enjoyed wargaming ever since.    

What is your gender?

> Male

How many people do you have locally at your disposal to play with?

For wargamers there are around 12.  For other types of boardgames and RPGS... maybe around an additional 20 more people who regularly play. 

What is their gender/age distribution?

> 99% male 1% female (includes my wife and a few other girls who I've seen gaming) 

How do you know them?

> Most I've met through the local gaming community.  My wife - I met in grad school and got into casual gaming.  

I am 62.  Male - Be gaming since 78'.  My first game was Third Reich.  Reading got me into wargaming.  I play with others when I can find them or solo.  Right now solo.


My parents taught me card games at the age of 4.  Wargames came along in junior high when toy stores started clearing out AH games for next to nothing (I still have a few in shrink).  I played Feudal, Panzer Blitz and Victory in the Pacific.  As a teen I fell in love with Axis and Allies.  Something about having the toys to push around the board was perfect for a 13 year old.  Lost touch with the hobby for many years after high school but picked it back up thanks to all things...Euros.  Euros led me to War of the Ring which led me to cons (only way to find opponents) which led me to a Europe Engulfed demo.  Hooked since.


For wargaming I have one consistent f2f opponnet and another few who pass through town every so often.  You think it would be easier in the home town of Decision Games but it is not.  For Euros I have countless people to play with and am constantly trying to convert them.  I do have my 1st grade daughter who loves M44 sans cards.

Opponents are male, late 30's to early 40's.

One met through mutual friend playing Euros (Twilight Imperium 3).  He mentioned that he prefers to "just kill stuff!" DING DING DING! I found a wargamer. :)  The other I met at a con.


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