I've been running a text-based pbem war game since November last year. This is an email based game, without any software to download and install.

The difficulty has been to find players who are willing to invest the time. The average would be about 5 hours per week, more for an active player. How much time do you spend playing video games?

I have extended the turn cycle, shortened and removed the deadlines, and split up the rules so that players don't even get as much reading to do. They only get what applies to their role.

This is a thinking man's game. Anybody with an appreciation of WW2 era gaming and history will enjoy the depth and detail of WW2 The Big One.

The main complaint from people leaving is time. Of course, I have no way of knowing how much email is passing between players, and I would imagine that can build up.


How much time do you spend per week on your various gaming pursuits?



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You can get info at the game web site http://ww2thebigone.webs.com with a link to download basic rules. We are starting the next game May 22, but recruiting is ongoing. There is no upper limit of players and no end-game rules.
Well, the game is still running. We are about to start turn 4, which represents January 1940. The Germans have invaded Holland, Belgium, and France. There are also numerous naval actions going on. Our issue is lack of players to complete these battles.

This obviously means there is plenty of room for more folks to join us. There is lots of war to come and no end-game rules exist. We are all set and waiting for you!
This version of the game ended in March 1940 due to resignation of the German High Command. As I wanted to make needed changes to the rules, we restart with Version 4.0 available now - August 2010
WW2 is about to begin again. There is a need for Tactical army, air,
and naval officers. The game is played by email (text only) and turns
are 11 day not counting weekends.

Land war scale is division sized units, air war is between squadrons,
and naval is by task forces or by mission. Ranks begin as Lt. General,
Squadron Leaders, and Captains.

This is not just a Tactical game. That is the starting level. You can
earn promotion to the Operational Level and control fronts. From there
you can expand to senior OP level and even Strategic Leadership of a

Game info site: http://ww2thebigone.webs.com

Respond to join: ww2bigone@excite.com


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