Greetings to the members of the SYW Gamers:
While I've been a member of ComsimWorld for quite some time, I just found out about these "social" groups. I thought this one might be a good group to join since I am an avid SYW devotee and because I am working with Khyber Pass Games to design a simple and easily playable tactical combat system for SYW battles called, Great Battles of the 18th Century.

The battle of Hochkirch (October 14, 1758) will be the first game of the system. The action is another of the battles that Frederick should have avoided, but this time it is the Austrians who are on the offensive. FM Daun decided to attack Frederick’s exposed right flank, resting on Hochkirch village itself. Frederick had taken up this position several days earlier, and he was warned by FM Keith that the Austrians would be fools not to attack. Frederick dismissed the idea as rubbish, as he thought Daun too cautious for such a bold stratagem. He paid for his arrogance with by the death of Keith and the decimation of some of his finest grenadier battalions. It is an exciting battle to game and presents many “what if” scenarios to be explored. We do not yet have a defined publication date, however, Hochkirch will be moved from “In the Pipeline” to the official “Games in Pledge Status” once we have a substantial number of pledges. If the series gains a significant following, we may end up doing some of the battles of the War of the Austrian Succession.

I've attached some of the pictures of the counters, which were designed by Tom Cundiff of "Old Soldier's Magazine" fame. Tom is a great artist and has been a tremendous help with the counters. All Austrians have their coats as counter backgrounds, while for the Prussians we're using the regimental standards. All the counters are rimmed with the color of the command to which they are attached. We're also working to try to get Rick Barber to do the maps.

Go to to cast your vote and bring Hochkirch from pipeline to pledge status! Thanks.

Bob Fulton

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