We've seen a number of games over the past decade that have addressed North Korea, and a few that have taken a look at Taiwan Straights conflict with China. How realistic have these attempts been? Which have you played and what is your opinion of them? If you think, as I do, that most have fallen short of the mark, where do you think these designs can improve?

Attached are two class papers I wrote a few years ago that takes a quick look at both.

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Crisis Korea 1995 is my favorite on the subject so far. The interaction between the units is great in my opinion. I like the special forces rules and the air game is just great. The only scenario I wish they had was a massive intervention by China to help its Communist brother. I ended up creating several scenarios along with new Chinese pieces for the game. I researched the stuff on globalsecurity.org and just fudged the numbers a little. It seemed to play well. What I found out real quick is the Korean peninsula only has so much room on it. Too many troops try to go the same direction at once and you end up have stacking problems. Still one of my favorite hypothetical games. Here is teh options I made up alng with the pieces. The pieces were made with paint so no complaining about their poor quality...hah
Crisis Korea is one of the few modern titles I don't own. It's gotten so expensive and rare on ebay that I despair of ever getting a copy.

Your mod looks like something good for F&M....
I found a copy on BGG for another guy who wanted the game. It is worth it if you find it. Also, if you go to the GMT page I believe you can find a couple of articles about the game there that were in C3i. Also, I don't mind putting it in F&M....
Moreover for those who have been to Korea know that the road and bridge system due to the terrain can create some ugly chokepoints!
I know Eric and myself chatted a bit about similar subjects earlier (nore of a Far East Cold War conflict). But to me the wildcard in all of these is Japan - huge fleet and a lot at stake. Wars have a nasty habit of spreading and those are probably busiest shipping areas in the world. There would be little chance of a war staying contained if it did start.
RED DRAGON RISING is a lot like WAR AT SEA in terms of physical production--big sea and land areas with ship, air, and ground units that feel pretty vanilla. But there are no turns. You have a series of options (termed actions/operations) you can perform--the PRC has to win in 30 actions/operations and there's a good dose of random events thrown in. This is definitely a strategic game with a little "operational" flavor thrown in. Sure, you won't get a lot of depth in your understanding--the attraction here is cracking the game "puzzle" (and it takes a lot of playing to get a handle on the possibilities). I find this game attractive for this alone--and solitaire is a great way to play until you feel confident. Very unusual. The thing about this game is that you adopt the mindsets that you'd expect the PRC leadership to have in mounting their offensive in the WestPac--you can bet there has to be some very deliberate planning and a good bit of ambiguity/deception regarding what you are going to do...and as the U.S. strength grows, being able to be flexible. Tough to do. The U.S. has to hang on in the early going--usually by their fingernails--and trip up the PRC plan as early as possible. Also tough to do. I can't help it--I like this game.


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