What is the best game to get going in learning OCS? Tunisia? Forgotten War: Korea? Sicily? Inquiring minds want to know. If we're going to recruit new players into this incredibly addicting and rich campaigning series, let's tell interested potential players where to start....

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I am a relative newcomers to OCS. I was at Origins 2005 -my first Origins since 1980 (!),I was at the MMP & The Gamers booth and I was talking with a person there (and forgot to see what his name was) and told him that at the my last Origins I bought Jack Radey's "Korsun Pocket". The Brilliant MMP Salesman immediately said "Oh, a Four-Map Eastern Front Wargame ? Why, here is "Enemy at the Gates"! AND ! Reduced in price to only $25.00 !!!", I. of course, said " Gimmee ! ". I went home and dove into the game, using Scenario #5 "The Chir River Battles" as my introduction to the system.
Then, out of the blue, David Mignerey of Columbus Ohio and CABS E-mailed me and we got together for the CABS' 'Buckeye GameFest ' in September. There at BGF , David and I played OCS Korea, with me being the North Koreans; I had an Amazingly Great Time! OCS rocketed to the top of my "Favorite Games and Systems" list. I was, however very late to the party so other OCS games were quite out of reach. (Of Course, OCS "Enemy at the Gates" is really more then enough of an introduction with really four playable scenarios -those that do not require all four maps to be set up. ) I have managed to get more OCS games. "OCS Tunisia" I got at Origins 2007 and then Noble Knight Games' had an UNPUNCHED WITH ALL ERRATA & ADDITIONAL COUNTERS !!!!! copy of "OCS Hube's Pocket" which I immediately jumped on and acquired !! (feeling very much like a "Circle of Life Thing' -from Korsun Pocket to Korsun Pocket ). And just this past November I received "OCS Case Blue".
The next OCS game I will get will be "OCS Burma" and when "Guderian's BlitzKrieg II " is reprinted, I will get that one, Definitely !!!
Oh Yeah !!! I also neglected to mention: I also was fortunate enough to be able to play a play-test version of the soon-to-be-published "OCS Baltic Gap: The Isolation of Army Group North August 1944", by virtue of CABS "Buckeye GameFest 2007" . I am extremely glad to have met David Mignerey and everyone else in Columbus Ohio. There are so many CABS members who are OCS Fans, I have Opportunities and Opponents I otherwise would not have. While I have great fun solitairing OCS, nothing compares to Real, Live Opponenets.
Surprisingly I did not have too much trouble 'getting' the system. There were several items that were just minor things that I would have to write down on a 3X5 card to remind myself, but otherwise, I love how the system 'flows' and yet can also create a heavy dose of the 'chaos' of War. I also love how there is so much excitement throughout the game -where BOTH SIDES always feel that they are on the brink of disaster!
OCS Boot Camp #1 at Friendly Fire, Linköping in the summer of 2007.
This is one way to introduce new players.

I'll be following this thread very carefully. :-]
Just started learning OCS (bought Tunisia and DAK2, and thinking about Case Blue) and I'm amazed with the system.
I plan to start a Tunisia solo game in spring to get in.

Regards. :-]
I'll be following this thread as well. It's timely: my copy of Tunisia will arrive this afternoon. I'll probably spend the weekend punching counters and setting things up for a scenario. This will be a solitary affair.

I've been reading the OCS rules for a few weeks, and the system just clicked with me immediately. Never having played, I'm still having trouble keeping the turn sequence straight (so many stages when different units can move and shoot), but that will become familiar with play.
I have taught teenagers with Operation Compass scenario in DAK. SImple, clean, works well.

Just picked up my first OCS games and trying to come to terms with the system....any pointers for us beginners with rulebook in hand?

Latch on to a friend who is willing to help you learn. It's much easier picking up the system that way. 

Alas,  I live in a VERY rural area with no one to play with....I'm ok solitaire It's just hard to learn such a big system this way.  Hoping Reluctant Enemies solves this for me...I love that supply makes the game.

I live in a VERY rural area also. I learned OCS via vassal. My teacher was in Tacoma, WA. I'd be willing to help you out. I wouldn't have a huge amount of time on a daily basis but I'd be glad to give back. Several people have surely helped me. 

I might just take you up on that.  I'm a cop and on call often so I have odd hours to set up and play... I'm trying to use vassal to learn to cut down on the wife's clutter obsession.  :)

I try not to use vassal as a substitute for putting a real map on the table but the OCS games can be a challenge. Most are at least two maps. Many are much more. Just let me know. My game email is as follows: tawhicks at gmail dot com. 

OCS lends itself pretty well to play by email although it might be better to do some live vassal, maybe on skype, in the early stages to clarify matters. OCS really  has to challenges. (1) Learning the system. (2) Learning to use the system rightly in terms of tactics of play. I know the rules pretty well. I don't claim to be an expert in tactics but I've played it quite a lot. 


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