I decided to join and start this discussion, because I am an ASL newbie (or, I guess the kidz are saying 'n00b' now ... oy.) After having the #1 starter kit on my shelf for about a year, Just played my first ASLSK scenario a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it very much.

I was blessed to score a 2nd ed ASL rulebook at the Games Plus auction last friday (in Chicago) for a mere $21, so I guess I'm on my way to bigger things ;-)

Planning to play again tomorrow evening. AAR later.

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The dividers are in the second edition RB, but they don't have the tabs cut out like the first edition RB did. If you didn't get the dividers, you can order 'em from MMP. I would highly suggest that you do as there are some important charts in there. Specifically:

1/ The Chapter A divider has the all important Concealment Gain/Loss chart. The info in this chart is not in the rule book

2/ The Chapter K divider has the scenario info on one side (SAN, ELR, VP, OBA access, NVR, etc) and the Cloaking Display that is required for night scenarios.

3/ The Chapter B divider has the terrain information that shows MP and MF costs as well as TEM/Hindrance for each type of terrain (excluding PTO and desert).

4/ The is also the Quick Reference Data Card (QRDC - loving called the "queer duck" around here) which puts all the must have charts in one location.
I have owned 4 of the original Squad Leader Modules and 90% of ASL Avalon Hill boxed sets since the late 80s . Played lotsa Squad Leader and some ASL. Vehicle rules were a bit to much for the ASL so I limited myself to playing Inf only engagements.Anyway throwing out a line and lookin fer some feedback Klencks
$21 is a real bargain for a 2nd ed rulebook!!!
I thought so too. Seems everyone gets a cool deal on something now and then, so now that I've had "my time", it'll likely be quite a while before the next one.
Does anyone put sheet protectors on their rulebook pages? I have and they make the rulebook alot thicker but I think it's worth the investment!
Do you use the ones that have a pocket that is separate from the 3-hole area (i.e. the rings of the binder do 'not' go through the holes in the pages) or the ones where the rings 'do' go through the original holes?

I suppose you need a wider binder for the former.
I use the kind that have a pocket that is separate from the 3 hole area!
I highlight my rules and pencil in errata, I figure there's no need to be over-protective since I assume a third edition rulebook will eventually be published. Though, I do store the scenario cards in special sheet protectors.
I tackled yet another learning curve last night: Don Lazov and I got on VASL and Skype, and we set up Guards Counterattack, which will be my first 'real' ASL experience. All this before I even get anywhere near done with the SK's. My birthday is in two weeks, and I have the reprint of SK2 waiting for my kids to "give it to me" (even though I bought it myself ;-) )
I tried to download Skype but it wouldn't work. I thought it would be easy to download. You'll like Guards Counterattack! I have played it some.
Lee, if you email me your snail mail address, I'll burn Skype on a CD and mail it to you.
Thanks, Lewis! My snail mail address is Lee Massey 120 Kyle Herring Dr Teachey, NC 28464

Have a good day!


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