It's been quiet here, so I thought I'd start a discussion.
I'd be curious to see what everyone's favorite ATO game is. Of the ones I've played, I'd have to say that Bittereinder is my fave, even though I find it unwinnable as the British. I keep meaning to re-play it with maybe modified DRM's for the sieges and losses the Brits usually take during the opening turns (which invariably end the game for me). But the game is lovely to look at and the graphics scream "Play me!"

My gaming opponent and I set up A Dark and Bloody Ground but we had some trouble getting into it, there are so many options and it's hard to tell what you are supposed to be doing! I just found my copy of issue #15 which has an article on how to play DBG, so maybe that will help.

So what games have you played, and which ones did you like best?

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I would say Berlin. Good system, nice feel, good seize and incredible map. I missed out when it appeared but managed to get it when it was reprinted...
Yeah, I own this one but haven't played it yet. I agree, the map and counters are stunning. Although most ATO games are stunning to look at. I just wish I had more time to actually play them rather than just daydream about it. :)
Favorite game is FORTRESS: BERLIN. Second favorite is INTO THE BEAR TRAP. Can you guess I like the urban games? KADESH is number three. TOPPLING THE REICH is number four. HEGEMON is number five. GO TELL THE SPARTANS is my least favorite with IMPERIAL SUNSET running not far behind. Still trying to crack LA VALLE DE MORT, SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT, and a number of others. So many games, so little time.
The first Against the Odds title that I acquired remains one of my favorites: Chennault's First Fight. I'm always on the lookout for a good air game, especially an operational air game, and one that puts the air war into the greater context. Chennault's First Fight certainly does that for me.
I am really impressed by Storm Over Taierzhuang. That could quickly become one of my favorite magazine games of all time.

You have good taste ! SOT us a first rate game,very tense and tough for the Japanese to win. I loved the history behind the battle as well.

I totally agree; the articles were a real eye-opener about the Kuomintang, which most people seem to think of as the biggest bunch of corrupt incompetents in Chinese history. Terence Co's article goes a long way to giving a more balanced view of the Generalissimo and his army, and shows that they could kick some serious butt under the right conditions.

The game itself, I think that should go down as something of an "instant classic." It's fast, highly replayable, and tons of fun, as well as being sound history. That it's on an unjustly neglected battle is a real bonus too.


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