So what makes you a fan of GMT? I for one like the fact that they plunge into new areas of history that many didn't dare go. and now many other game companies are bring out games on odd topics.

I think the different game series GMT does it so great,. the GBoH and Musket & Pike and Prussia's Glory let you re-fight so many different battles that would not normally be done.

But I guess the one question that could be asked is there anything you don't like about the company? That I would like to hear. For me it be hard to bring up even one thing.

But love or hate them,GMT as added to our hobby today what SPI did back in the 70's. Yes they are the true heir to the throne

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In response to the OP's question of why I like GMT?

- the P500
- the living rules
- great graphics and larger counters
- block games
- ongoing support for games and game systems
- rigorous development cycle - GMT will bnring out a game when it is is ready
- customer service and a friendly website which is regularly updated.
Ironic I misspelt 'bring' when making the point about a rigorous development cycle LOL!
They're full of talented and helpfull people. What's not to like about them ?

Good quality games BUT  most important for me, is that their RULES are CLEAR and there are very few ambiguities. 

Great work.

Even in the last days of "The Hill" I was a huge GMT fan. Like others have stated: Graphics,boldness, and almost always well developed games. P500 is a huge selling point as well. Customer service has always been helpful and friendly. At over 200 games, my collection is about 40% GMT...and growing. Best in the business imo.

I like the high quality components. I purchased Battle for Normandy (incl the expansion), Dead of Winter and Caesar: Conquest of Gaul this year and they all look good. The maps make me feel I am actually on the field of battle and the counters are beautiful yet functional at the same time.

The rules are clear to understand, and the customer support is excellent. I just wish they would reprint some of the older games a little faster. All games in the GBACW series are out of print, so I have to wait until they reprint Three Days of Gettysburg etc. 

But I guess the one question that could be asked is there anything you don't like about the company? That I would like to hear. For me it be hard to bring up even one thing.

Yeah - they come up with too many games I want and my collection is big enough already.


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