Anyone have any vassal modules? Or know of how to contact others who have them?

I built La Grande Armee, Phalanx, Leipzig, Panzer 44, and Lost Battles.

Post what you are looking to find, if we can't find it I may build it!

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Charles -

I did a Winter War mod that remains available at the Vassal website because Decision Games does not own the rights to that particular title.

And, for the record, the Decision store does have 100+ free Vassal modules listed at  While the vast majority are for their recent products, I count a couple of dozen for classic SPI games.

Yep and Doc has given the OK for SPI modules to be created, they only ask that a copy is sent to them for posting.


Would you please send me the Panzer '44 module?

Best Wishes
Johan Arve

I have quite a few and am adding more every month. I'd be interested in Panzer 44 & Lost Battles

Ok you need to understand before I send you Panzer 44. This module contains the original P44 game but has a 2.0 card driven version that includes all the Panzer Leader and Panzer Blitz maps I could find and get an ok for and includes a 2.0 set of counters that are revalued and have an activation cost built into the counter. There is a French, UK, Italian, Russian, and German counter set that handles 1940 till close to the end if not the end of the war. I include an air element for most countries also that can be used in any scenario you buildI want to eventually convert all the Panzer Leader/Blitz  Scenarios to this format. This also includes the AIW maps and a large set of desert war maps. Since they are all PB/PL style you can build any combination of those maps into as large a battlefield as you want.

Now the bad side of all this candy is the module is huge.295 meg in size.

I'm in the process of a BattleAxe map set that will double the size of the maps LOL! But allow the entire BattleAxe battle to be gamed. It will take the next year to do as we are talking 100+ maps!

The nickle tour is as follows, both sides draw 12 cards, whom ever has the operational advantage at the time, axis early, allies 43 and later, to show this operational advantage, allow the advantaged side to preview X number of cards each draw and keep or pass X number of the cards drawn. So late 44 Allies get 6 cards they could pass, I look at the first card decide to pass it you get the card and I must keep the next card.

This is done until both sides have 12. If an ACE is drawn it triggers an airstrike, depending on the scenario roll to see if the axis or allies get the strike and how many aircraft it involves. The strike hits the target on a 7-10 roll (base 10), 1-6 is drift direction 1-5 1 hex, 7-9 2 hexes, 10 is 3. Roll the strike like an artillery attack. After the attack the Ace is replaced with another card.

Face cards are worth 10 activation points. Kings and Queens call in artillery strikes, the scenario should give the rules. Air and artillery can be either close pattern or wide pattern, wide pattern hits 1/2 of the attack value in the target hex and the 6 hexes around the target hex. Any unit in the hex suffers an attack, any unit moving into the hex during the turn also gets hit.

Once both sides have 12 cards they put then in any order they want, the cards are played 1 per side with the high card going first. So you can in effect get 2 cards in a row using low high combinations. Black cards move armor and transport, red moves infantry and transports, the units can move/fire only once until all units move/fire.

That's the crux of it.

Lost battles has included additional units to allow 41-42 scenarios. shoot me an email and I can send whatever you want.

One idea might be to set up an account at and upload your modules to it.

Johan Arve


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