S/G gives players a chance to run complex naval operations that are abstracted in most games. Naval gaming is so niche designers gloss over naval ops in most (all) land games. AH's BISMARCK is the only S/G competitor I can think of and a few Midway/Guadal games. But all of these were published and done. AP keeps finding new stuff to publish making the series richer. Kristin Ann High's ODE TO SWWAS sums up the good, but it can't make the bad go away: TACTICAL system.

The tac system DRIVES people away from S/G in droves. Too many naval grognards won't touch it with a 10 foot pole! GWAS is especially egregious with major campaigns seeing 30 DD/TB's sunk in action. Players fear torps and stamp out the little guys like ants. One hit and gone with a Hull hit.


Some folks think playing naval mini's will work. It will, if you don't mind rolling around on the floor 8 hours per battle. DREADNOUGHTS said; here's a new chassis with chrome. While the chrome was welcome it changed things for the sake of change without fixing the flaws.

So I've thought on this for years and concluded there has to be a way to add realism without adding excessive time. After discussions with Jim D. I started on WW2 DREADNOUGHTS with my new ideas added in. Jim laughed and drop kicked the idea over the side. :-(

So back to the drawing board. Jim approved, now Russell and two others have my revised Tac System. It brings in the missing chrome i.e. Smoke, Radar. Ships take unlimited Gunnery Hull hits without sinking. Flooding (and not stopping it) and Fires (and not putting them out) sink ships. Torpedoes MOSTLY still kill the old way but Hull hits by shells MOSTLY re-arrange the wreckage or as they say: "If you want to let in air, use bombs and shells, if you want to let in water, use mines and torpedoes."

To do all this required almost no rule changes, just plugging in new Damage Tables, extra rules to use them and chrome plus Very Optional Detailing rules: Collisions, super-heavy shells, formations.

So now I'm awaiting results and fixes from my blind playtesters to see if it works.

*The penguin Opus in Bloom County

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Replies to This Discussion

Good stuff, Jim, thanks. Clarifies a number of things. I'm ready for my next bombardment assignment!
Yikes, I should have read back a bit more before posting. I'd love to see your rules when they're ready!
Something like the combat system in the 2nd edition AH Bismarck might work. It was simple but not simplistic, and did a good job of showing the effect of different speeds. With a few modifications it would be better than the current system and much faster than a miniatures-like approach.
Revised rules are completed and were sent to AP a couple of weeks ago.
Any chance we're going to see them soon?
Hi Steve. I've been looking for ideas about improving the GWaS tactical battle sequence since it really is the weakest part of an otherwise splendid game series. I saw your post and am interested to see what you came up with. Since I didn't find anything on Avalanche Press's Daily Content of yours I joined this discussion group to contact you directly to see if you have anything posted or to see if you can send the rules. Another person (Chris Perleberg) posted some ideas on http://grognard.com/variants/gwas.txt
Also does anyone have advice about how to start a gaming club? Myrtle Beach, SC doesn't appear to have anything of this sort currently. David
Have you or Russell posted these new tactical versions? David
Not me. It's Steve's baby. I mostly recommended ways to lay out the details of the system in a more readable fashion. (Avalanche's pedestrian page layout conventions generally hinder the clear presentation of their rules.)
Did Steve's ideas go over at all with Avalanche Press and did they, in fact, improve the tactical system?
I've no way of knowing. Possibly Steve doesn't know either, or does.


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