Afraid to ask, but I shall. Is there any online game support of GWAS - Vassal, Cyberboard? Just asking as I'd like to play

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No. AP doesn't allow it. You have to do your own. Jim D has great success with ACTS system to run games.
Roll my own? Don't tell me that - I'm pretty handy with the whole CB stuff
Too bad...could probably find players via VASSAL.
It wouldn't hurt. But Jim D's ACTS workd great we've played near 8 canpaign scenarios from SWWAS & GWAS and he's got more in with others.
Good enough for me to investigate further.
And there's nothing to prevent players from creating their own online solutions, and sharing with others who can verify that they own the game in question.
ACTS works very well for SWWAS due to the latter's numbered Tactical Map. It also works well with GWAS if you use Basic Combat.

There is a french GWAS:Mediterranean Cyberboard Module publicly posted at

Avalanche is already aware of this module. Yet, it remains posted. It was done at 128 dpi with scanned artwork, but functionally it was not well thought out from a gameplay perspective.

For personal use, I have built full blown 120 dpi cyberboard modules using scanned artwork for GWAS:Jutland, SWWAS:Eastern Fleet and SWWAS:Bismarck. These modules took a lot of work to put together, but make very good use of Cyberboard's tray and transparent back capabilities to ensure the modules work very efficiently from a gameplay perspective while providing for fog of war for fleet/task force/flight composition and the Airbase Cards.

Having now used ACTS quite a bit, it has become clear that the real pressing need for SWWAS is for the Operational Maps to be available electronically in Cyberboard as most folks don't have the room to leave the large Operational Maps setup. I have since for personal use built lighter modules for the remaining SWWAS games (yes, even Leyte Gulf). These lighter modules only include the Operational Map, TF counters, Flight counters and weather markers.

I cannot distribute or post any of the modules I have built due to Avalanche's current policy.

Typically, I use my modules in conjunction with ACTS because I do not have the room to leave the Operational Maps setup.

There have been some rumblings from Avalanche that suggest that it may revisit its policy sometime this year. There has been no recent news in this regard, but recent Avalanche posts on the subject have at least acknowledged that gamers can build modules for their own personal use.
Interesting. Shame we weren't neighbors or such as I would love to sink my teeth into some GWAS. Alas, my gaming card is pretty full these days.
I am currently working on GWAS US Navy Plan Orange module for VASSAL (and for personal use due to their current policy), but this is as first so it could be years before I am finished! Maybe AP will change their minds in the interim...
Seems the easiest way to do the maps would be just to make a large offset grid with tile numbers. Maybe just put icons where air fields and ports and important places on the map are. I don't think you would have to worry about the pretty stuff.
The Ops map is a tough one in VASSAL...I do not think it is possible to create an offset square grid. Is this possible in Cyberboard? While it's not absolutely necessary (I don't get a nice "snap to" grid function on my paper map :/ ), it would be nice.

I have never used ACTS and I can't tell much about it from the website. I hear good things about it, though.
You can create offset square grid maps in Cyberboard, but there is no way within cyberboard to automatically print coordinants within them.

Last year I spent quite a bit of time exploring the possibility of using a generic offset grid map, but failed to find anything that would automatically label the grid.


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