Here is a amalgamation of SOPAC Battle Scenarios #2 and #3. It was made possible by ONI documents on the battle.

Savo Island
Complete O.B.
9 August, 1942

Under direct orders from Admiral Yamamoto a scratch force of cruisers and one DD headed down the slot to contest the USMC landings at Guadalcanal/Tulagi. Spotted by John McCain’s recon they were misidentified as seaplane carriers and considered no threat by Allied command. At 01:43 they opened fire on HMAS Canberra of the Southern Force and ceased fire by 2:30. Two US CA’s sank within the next half-hour, an Aussie scuttled at 0800 and the last US CA sank under tow around noon. Ralph Talbot and Patterson took heavy damage and Chicago lost part of her bow. Damaged Jarvis was sunk by aircraft and Kako was sunk by a US sub on their respective ways home. The US Navy fled later that day leaving only the AP George F Elliot behind still on fire from an early pre-Kamikaze attack on 8/8/42. It sank late on the 9th despite the seven torpedoes Dewey and Hull fired into her just before the Battle of Savo Island began. The Marines ashore were alone.

Axis Forces
Leader Mikawa
CA11 Chokai (B3, Heading E)
CA01 Kako (C6, Heading E)
CA02 Furutaka (C6, Heading E)
CA03 Aoba (C6, Heading E)
CA04 Kinugasa (C6, Heading E)
CL01 Tenryu (D9, Heading E)
CL17 Yubari (D9, Heading E)
DD17 Yunagi (D9, Heading E)

Allied Forces
TF 62
Radar Picket 1
DD387 Blue (Z17, Heading NE)

Radar Picket 2
DD390 Ralph Talbot (Z13, Heading SW)

Northern Force (B5, Heading NW)
CA34 Astoria
CA39 Quincy
CA44 Vincennes
DD388 Helm
DD408 Wilson

Southern Force (C5, Heading W)
CA29 Chicago
CA84 Canberra (Australia)
DD386 Bagley
DD392 Patterson

Eastern Force (Z1, Heading E)
CL54 San Juan
CL63 Hobart (Australia)
DD436 Monssen
DD484 Buchanan

Tulagi Force
DD391 Henley (D18, Heading E)
DD398 Ellet (D18, Heading E)
DD350 Hull (Z24, Heading W)
6 x APD (D17, Heading SE)
2 x AP (small) (Z23, Heading SE)
3 x AO (treat as AP01) (Z23, Heading SE)

Guadalcanal Force
CA33 Australia (Australia) (D5, Heading NE)
DD349 Dewey (Z6, Heading NE)
DD357 Selfridge (Z6, Heading NE)
DD389 Mugford (Z6, Heading NE)
2 x APD (Z4, Heading W)
1 AP01 (Z5, Heading W)
3 x AK (Z5, Heading W)
10 x AP (small) (Z5, Heading W)

Special Rules
1. Hex C7 is land (Savo Island). Ships may not enter this hex, no grounding danger on adjacent hexes.
2. Pre battle damage. No VP awarded for this damage.
Jarvis: Torpedoes destroyed, 1 Tertiary, 1 Hull. Speed is reduced to 1+.
Mugford: 1Tertiary
Dewey and Hull have expended torpedoes.
3. Start play with impulse 4. The Japanese has initiative and has achieved a surprise starting. Any Allied ship fired on that doesn’t see the shooter is also surprised in subsequent fire phases.
4. IJN ships may exit the map only from Z13 to Z19, US from Z1 to Z4 and Z13.
5. Allied ships may not move until an enemy ship is spotted. Jarvis must exit Z13 and moves in any Speed 1 impulse.
6. IJN DD may drop from formation voluntarily. Japanese forces are in Line Ahead under Optional rule 18.1.
7. Sighting range is 3 hexes for Axis and 1 hex for Allies. Jarvis has no radio and may fire but not spot for Allies. Southern force may fire but may not report sighting. Allied DD’s may not fire unless fired upon.
8. Adm. Crutchley ordered the DD’s to rendezvous with him. On Impulse 1 if US gets initiative all Allied forces are free to move and fight
9. Scenario lasts two Rounds; 41 impulses. On Round 2, Impulse 1; IJN may fight 22 more pulses if retains initiative but must exit the map if Allies gain initiative. IJN may exit the map anytime on Round 1 gaining 2VP’s for each ship exited.
10. IJN must damage all five Allied CA’s of Northern and Southern Force before attacking Tulagi, Guadalcanal or Eastern Forces.

Victory Conditions: The player with the most points at the end wins.

5 APD’s (Fast minesweepers) were screening Tulagi and 3 APD’s off the ‘Canal. Counter limits forced 6/2 split.

History of US Naval Operations in WWII Vol V: The Struggle for Guadalcanal by S E Morrison

Combat Narratives: Battle of Savo Island, Office of Naval Intelligence 1943: Winston B Lewis
Classified Document from Naval Historical Center

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