AAR: Pearl Harbor Attack December 8, 1941 Cdr. Fuchida

Arrival over target, transmitted message, “Tora, Tora, Tora” complete surprise achieved. Virtually no AA encountered.

The Torpedo bombers under Lt. Cdr. Murata struck first, while the level bombers against orders attacked almost simultaneously. One US DD was spotted moving into the main channel while a second left the DD anchorage north of Ford Island as the strike aircraft passed overhead after ordnance drop.

Three torpedoes struck Nevada, very evenly spread out. Two fires broke out immediately.
(23 Hull, 2 fires, 1 flood) The ship then slowly leaned over to portside and capsized. A 1000 Kg bomb also struck among the starboard secondary guns. (Critical Hit 1 Hull, 2 secondary)

A very difficult target was Arizona, three torpedoes were launched but one struck repair ship alongside (Vestal). Vestal immediately burst into flames and rolled over and sank in the shallow water. (9 Hull, Fire, Flood). Arizona suffered two hits (3 Hull, Flood, fire, 2 Fuel) from torpedoes and one 1000 Kg bomb hit. (3 Hull, Captain Van Valkenburg killed) The hits were confined to bow.

The powerful West Virginia was targeted with four torpedoes all detonated in a tight pattern. (17 Hull, 2 Floods, 2 Fires, 2 Fuel) The ship burst into flames, fuel oil gushed out and she quickly capsized. One bomb aimed at Tennessee struck West Virginia on the forward 14” mount. (1 Hull, 1 Primary)

Tennessee inboard of West Virginia was targeted with 6 level bombers from which three were seen to strike the target. Two others just made large plumes of water nearby. (1 Hull, 2 Primary, 1 FCT) One errant bomb also struck the sinking Tennessee. The Tenn was seen hit on the forward cage mast, collapsing it, as well as hit on number three turret.

Oklahoma was hit by three torpedoes targeted at her. (8 Hull, 2 Floods, 2 Fuel, 1 Fire) She was seen to have a fire burst out and a spreading oil slick.

Maryland was targeted by six bomber B5N2. (7 Hull, 4 Primary, 1 Tertiary, Electrical Failure) The two forward turrets were damaged.

A B5N pilot torpedoed a giant tanker between Oklahoma and California. It detonated aft under the superstructure there. (Neosho Critical Hit: 3 Hull, 1 speed loss).

California was hit by three B5N2 but only two hits were seen. Damage appeared light (3 Hull, 2 Fuel, Fire, Flood) but a fire was seen aboard.

One pilot reported direct hit on Lexington, but the baka of a pilot actually turned out to be attacking disarmed Utah. Another fool torpedoed her and missed. (Utah 2 Hull)

Two old CL’s near Utah were struck with bombs. Raleigh (1 Hull, 1Primary) and Detroit (1 Hull, Flood) one bomb was dropped and one hit on each.

Three torpedoes launched at Helena saw two explode against her passing under the old coastal liner tied up alongside. (7 hull, 2 Floods) The large CL rolled on top of the Oglala which sank from the explosive shock on an even keel.

A bomb run saw two hits inflicted on San Francisco in the docks. (2 Hull, 1Primary) One bomb struck the dock itself.

In drydock Flagship Pennsylvania was struck with four bombs. (Critical Hit: 5 Hull, 2 Primary, Dud, Captain Cooke killed) one bomb exploded on the 1010 dock while another just missed Penn and hit the DD ahead of her (Cassin, 1 Tertiary) severing two turrets and passing through with no further damage.

Losses were just 6 B5N2 damaged, none destroyed. The First wave winged north for home.

Second Wave report of Lt. Cdr. Egusa on Dive Bomb free-ranging attacks.

Arrived over Oahu to moderate AA fire, six D3A’s were hit and aborted before attacking. Of greater difficulty was six P40 waiting for us near the target area. Six of our A6M fighters never returned to base. All six US planes were reported destroyed.

American airfields at Hickam, Bellows, Wheeler and Ford Island had dozens of smoke plumes lighting the morning air.

Two DD’s only were seen moving down channel.

Orbiting looking for targets Nevada was capsized, Arizona was sunk at anchor and capsized (Flooding) with a small ship sunk alongside. Tennessee was burning stem to stern. (Fires out of control) Oklahoma was upside down, no more fires though. (Capsized flood) The surviving BB’s were targeted as were the two moving DD’s.

Two bombs were dropped on AV Curtiss, one hit achieved on gun turrets. (1 Tertiary)

The two fleeing DD’s suffered one near miss from the 12 D3A’s sent to deal with them.

DD Shaw in floating drydock was bombed and took one hit (1 Hull, 1 Flood)

CA’s were attacked by a dozen aircraft, they hit SF twice (1 Hull, 1 Primary) and New Orleans (Critical: 2 Hull, 1 Primary) once. One bomb missed a CA but hit oiler Ramapo. (1 Hull)

California took six 500 Kg bomb hits. (4 Hull, 3 Primary, 2 Secondary, Flood) + original (3 Hull, 2 Fuel, Fire, Flood) damage.
The American flagship was singled out for a major attack. Penn took (2 Critical: 9 Hull, 1 Primary, 2 Secondary, 2 Flood, 1 Fire ) + original (5 Hull, 2 Primary) It appeared virtually destroyed in the waterless drydock.

West Virginia (2 Hull, 2 Primary, 2 Secondary, 1 FCT) took five 500 Kg hits and increased the damage from 1st Wave. (1 Hull, 2 Primary, 1 FCT)

Maryland took light damage with five bomb hits. (2 Critical, 1 Hull, 2 Primary) + original (7 Hull, 4 Primary, 1 Tertiary) damage.

Losses: 6 A6M2 destroyed, 6 B5N damaged).

Game note: Bomb hits not reduced via referred pain, original results shown except on ships with Tertiary only armament.

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