If I understood a posting at the AP folder correctly they are going to discontinue this type of games in favour of panzergrenadier and marinade games? Have they gone mad or what? Have I misunderstood the whole thing?

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AP still seems determined to release at least Red Desert and Army of Lappland. That would be nice for us that preordered and prepaid about an eon ago.

Playing Tel El Eisa "Introductory" scenario of ALAMEOIN:  History's Turning Point after having done RED STEEL's Rzhishchev Bridgehead scenario.
NEXT:  I have shrunk the ISLAND OF DEATH map down to a size that appears more standard, ...because it fits available game space for me better even if the large hexes would be easier to handle.  Next up would be the Invasion of Malta in Spring, '42.

As you know by now, Mike B. decided he didn't want to do the RED DESERT in the 'Decisive(ly Neglected Development) Battles series.  My interest fell off completely.

My understanding of Nomonhan suggested to me it'd be a great campaign for the system.

I could see the morale advantage of the Imperial Jap. Infantry and possibly favorable night-fighting advantages against the artillery (with reloads), armor DRMs, and mobility of the Soviet forces.  There's probably even room for those early air forces to clash where the Soviets gradually gain air ascendancy over the Ki-27 and other early aircraft and such of the Japanese Army Air Force.   I think each deliberate effort by the Japanese to achieve success (first by infantry, then two regiments of tanks, and then massing artillery) and then the Soviet August offensive all argue for Brian Knipple's Avalanche, Red Parachutes, Red Steel, Alamein, and Island of Death system.

Anyway, the products are not huge money-makers for AP, so they've not obtained the kind of Development Love from the diminished staff of AP.   Even so, they are releasing more ALAMEIN copies into the Wild and even produced solid counters for the former Daily Archive options.

If only Mike B. would authorize expanding on the existing titles (as he did for FORTRESS MALTA).   I think a release that either ( a ) did just the Anzio, Cassino, Pescara/Sangro battles in Italy  or ( b ) connected to the existing "AVALANCHE" release to allow extending the campaign either to the Toe/Heel and to Bari, Ortona, etc. or maybe North to the Winter/Cassino Lines would add sales lustre to the system.

Mike B. has mentioned that the Romanian struggle for the beachhead on the Prut South of the RED STEEL map wouldn't be that big, so it could be a nice extension to the Romanian and Soviet efforts as the Soviets try to smash that bridgehead while trying to respond effectively from being outflanked to the North.


Are you still around, Ola?

Do you still pull these AP operational maneuver titles out?

I've been thinking about using that fine fellow's variant of starting the campaign from First Alamein.

The other thing I've suggested, somewhere, is to start the campaign where it starts, but have an ending or perhaps a 'sudden death ending' around July 1942.   You wouldn't have a huge amount of counters, still, and a much reduced playing time.   Can the Germans break the British strength and position before the plundered supplies from Tobruk start running out?  Can the British survive the confusion around Marsa Matruh, effective a defensive position, and counter-attack sufficiently to render the Axis position one where they'll have to withdraw to preserve the army?

Anyway, despite some of the problems production and development has built into the games, I still enjoy them and think the system could just use some more development efforts and some graphic excellence.

In ALAMEIN, though never quite completed, I was building an armored division worksheet.

It would contain 'slots' for all the potential assigned units.   During the Command phase, when assigning the elements of a division, you could write them into the sheet so you would know turn-to-turn which units were assigned to the armored divisions along with the Leader.  The idea would also be to leave step reduction counters on the sheet as well.  In that way you can also get something of a visual on how the armor division is faring, especiallly vis-a-vis other armored divisions on the other sheets.

I hadn't decided on 'Attachment' units to other formations, but I was thinking about building sheets to show those separate battalions assigned to other divisions (along with their step-reduction counters).



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