To discuss how to liberate what Germany rightfully stole in 1940.

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OK, here are my initial thoughts.

I'm slow getting off the beaches, but didn't really suffer THAT much damage. (Well, 508th PIR excepted - they're gonna take 85% casualties). I took Ste-Mere-Eglise, so I have my first VP. Bayeux, Treviers, Cruelly are the most likely sources of early VPs. The 1st will drive for Treviers with the 29th headed toward Isigny to guard the flank, while 50th Br Inf is assigned to drive on Bayeux. The Canadians will shoot for Cruelly, and 3rd Br will apply pressure at Caen.

Over at Utah, I will try to get 4th US Inf toward Mounteborg, while 82nd holds near Pont l'Abbe, awaiting arrival of the 90th US Inf. I will transfer 101st down toward Carentan, and reinforce ASAP. Like the naked person with only a hanky, I've got a lot to cover and not much to cover it with at the moment.
"I've got a lot to cover "

I think the jury is out on this one, but is expected to take only a short time to decide.... :)
Did you do the landings at a batallion level or with the breakdowns?
We used the breakdown units.
Yeah, I know using the batallions is an option. However, the way the optional rule is worded it seems you could also use the support units with them. That would be a lot of extra combat power with the drms. Am I missing something?
With my excellent reinforcement roll, I ought to be able to make a strong push for Bayeux. Cruelly should fall by 8 June at the latest. Mike's defense appears to be strong on the edges but a bit weaker up the middle. I don't know if Treviers is a realistic goal at this point, and the mauling the 82nd Abn continues to receive puts me on the tactical defensive near Pont l'Abbe.

I decided to place the Mulberries at the historical spots (Gold & Omaha), and got off to a good start rolling a 3 and a 6 respectively. Weather roll was a 7, so I have 80 air points available. I was thinking of concentrating the interdiction on the two southern maps, since I think I would get better bang for my buck there. Maps B and C have the air points halved to start with, and A is bocage country, with most everybody near where they need to be anyway.

My initial thoughts are 20 points on C and D apiece, 20 points for Armed Recon attacks, with a focus on bridges over rivers on Maps D and E, and 20 for CAS, to get the Br 50th Inf and Can 3rd Inf into Bayeux and Cruelly.

US 1st Inf, which is in excellent shape, will try to pressure Treviers, to divide 352nd Inf's attention. I may not get Treviers by the 8th, but if I push hard enough I might take a hex or three of Bayeux with the British. I'm awaiting Mike's placement of German reinforcements and replacements, and then it's off to the races.

Finally back to the grind after a computer issue and having an infected toe drained. I'll post close ups of the attacks right after I post this message.

Here's where I stand as of June 8 AM Combat declarations.

VPs 2

Ste Mere Eglise and Cruelly

Attacks on VP hexes this AM

Carentan - I've got a 24 to 10 plus a VERY likely 4 arty, so 24 to 14 - a 3:2. I used 3 air points here, because this hex is worth 4 VPs. A 3:2 even gives me a 30% shot at forcing a retreat.

Treviers - A 19 to 10 currently, with Mike having a 3 and a 4 arty available. 3 Air points here as well, gives me a +1 DRM since Treviers is in a clear hex. I expect this will be a 1:1 when all is said and done, which gives me another 30% chance to force a retreat.

Bayeux - My main attacks are against 2641 (Vaucelles POI due west of Bayeux) and 2738, a hex in Bayeux defended solely by a reduced 4-3-6 panzer battalion. Vaucelles is a 14 to 4, with a -1, although I do have the combined arms option here since recon units don't negate CA, Even a 14 to 8, with an option at -1 gives me another 30% shot. The Bayuex hex is a 19 to 3 currently. 3 Air points (again), give me a +1, since armor defending alone in a city is a -2, not a -3. I expect Mike to make this a 2:1, with a 4 arty, so a 2:1, +1 against 2 steps gives me a 60% shot at this hex.

IF I can win both of these attacks (18% chance if my math is right), I cut off 4 big battalions OoS in Bayeux and Mike's in a world of hurt.

So given average luck I should defeat the lone panzer in Bayeux for 1 more VP (to 3), and win one of the other 3 attacks, which would put me at 4, 5, or 7 VPs. Then I will have 3 more daylight phases to pound on the hexes again. It should be interesting, as I think I have a legit shot at 8 VPs before the end of the 9th. Plus, if the stupid 29th Div. would get it's butt out of The Blue and The Gray Riding School, I might have a shot at a VP in Isigny as well.


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