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I studied the VP schedule for a long time. The first goal: not to lose on Sudden Death. 8pts by 9-Jun looks very tough for the Allies.

Next up: not giving them the required 4 pts for a quick decisive win. Equally tough on the Germans. Ste Mere Eglise and Cruelly roll over. Next to likely fall are Trevieres and Bayeux, at least a hex or two. I think I can mount a hasty defense of Isigny and Carentan (I’ll place a KG there during the 7-Jun night turn) and reinforcements roll into Caen to prevent an early push by Monty.

So, that should get me over the first hurdle and onto 15-Jun.

In the northwest, Utah should be contained until US armor shows up. The 709, 243 and 91 should get a defensive line established quickly. The 30th battalion will fill in a gap.

In the east, early reinforcements will roll through Caen and fill in the gap between Caen and Bayeux.

The real problem is in the middle. The 352nd will get mauled by the forces coming off of Omaha. I’ll be rushing all southern reinforcements to back them up. But I’m not sure they’ll make it in time. I’ll have to strongly consider my air allocations to board D firmly aware of my biggest weakest.
06/06 PM

The Cherbourg penisula looks safe for a while. Defense in depth coming together…for now.

352nd made it behind the river. Hopefully I can hold Treviers for a day or two.

The gap between Bayeux and Caen is still a thorn but the Allied supply lines can’t get stretched too far this early.
7 Jun - Night turn

Yes! Heavy overcast coupled with the allies air placement gives me tactical movement n the front line as I juggle troops to fill in gaps. The 12ss and Lehr will be slowed and likely harassed on the way in but that's to be expected.

having moved the 716 HQ to Bayeux, allows me to spend all my REM pts here and build a hasty defense.

In the west
Looks like we're just gonna dance around until the allies get some armor off Utah. He's gonna have a hard time slogging through. The eastern coast looks the most vulnerable and I'll have to keep sliding my line in that direction as he wears me down.

Carentan/Isigny looks like an eggshell, firm at first but once it breaks - messy. The 30th Brigade has just arrived and I dropped a KG HQ here to keep things in order. The 265 is likely heading here or just west to prevent the allies from crossing the swamp.

In the center
Th3 352nd has settled in behind the stream. Hope they don't disintegrate before the 17ss shows up.
Bayeux and the gap. Man what a headache. Have to hope my delaying tactics work until some real help arrives. My biggest fear is that Brits breakthrough the gap and cut the highway from Caen.

In the east
I think I've prevented a quick grab at Caen. The 21st has drawn a line in the sand (or farmland). The 12ss will be here by PM and Lehr will be here by 8 Jun night. I hope the 21st still has some units left and that I can shift west into the gap.
8 Jun - night turn

well I weathered the 7th, holding a thin line, losing only 1 VP (Creully).

I am surprised by Dave's interdiction commitment. It implies a push on the peninsula, but without armor, I'm not sure he's gonna make progress through the bocage. My troops are pretty much where I need them to be, so I don't see a local tactical advantage for him. Oh, well, guess I'll learn soon enough.

I keep pushing single units into the 'eggshell' between Carentan and Isigny. I don't know if I can hold Carentan. One arty unit is not going to cut it.

The 352nd is under duress, I think I'll get pushed out of Trevieres today.

Lead elements of the 17ss and the 21st Panzer have met at Bayeux to replace the battered 716th. Both division will continue into Bayeux, the 17ss taking the western side, the 21st the east. Panzer Lehr has finally showed up and will fill the gap between Bayeux and Caen, while the 12ss holds Caen. I was very spread out here, I'm not sure why Dave didn't push harder to at least reach the highway and cut off Bayeux.

No significant reinforcements for a few days. The 77th is heading to Carentan by way of Countances and Periers with the 275th following. The 3FJ is heading to St. Lo and then where ever the nearest hot spot is.


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