1. napoleon at waterloo-spi-mostly due to play on hexwar

2.afrika korps

3.bulge '65

4.stalingrad-little more wine@!cheese but what the hell

5.d-day '77-just got this,but can see the fun in it already

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Very good games in their day, all of them, a little bit dated by today standards, but good games, even today.

Have all five of them, AK, Bulge and Stalingrad were played until the components almost fell apart. D-Day 77 just wasn't liked by my group (me included), and NaW was overlooked by newer games.
i would amend my list to d-dday65-have 77 but prefer the 65 rules
Damn brian,only 5 to name.10 would be hard enough but 5!

Might have to make these Series games for each

1.SPI's Napoleon at Waterloo + Expansion(could include Borodino ,Austerlitz,Nap At War,Eylau from The Wargamer)
I played NAP to death when I bought it and still play from time to time

2 Any SPI Quad game/Folio
Still the best Beer & Pretzel games around

3. AH Classics and Jedko games
Great games for a evening or a weekend afternoon.

4. Any game by Victory Point Games

5 Alexander the Great(Guidon/AH)
Just a pure game players game.It also has a great ancients feel to it also
If I can have a number 6 it would be any of the Conflict Games.By Conflict or the Conflict/GDW editions

Kasserine Pass is a classic Beer & Pretzel game for certain.

Overlord,Yalu,Verdun,Fall of Tobruk,Iliad might take londer but they had short rules and played quickly
Original Bar Lev would be in the 2nd group if you didn't add in the air rules

I guess you better add in any GDW 120 Series game for 7th spot.
i wish i knew more aboutKasserine Pass and the gdw 120's ,but yea, what ive heard has been good. i'm glad you mentioned Alexander the Great, will have to get a copy of this-would like a game from this time period. any opinions on guadacanal/AH? not great reviews-would like to hear from somebody who likes it for info. Victory Point @ Conflict Games i know little to nothing will check those out as well.....
updating my list@ combining to cover more era's
5D-DAY-i think the world is still waiting for the perfectstrategic invasion/western front game...

#1.  GW's/CONSIMWORLD PRESS's BEDA FOMM.  Quite an asymmetric puzzle for both players.  The game feels like Space Invaders--the Italian forces come down in droves from the north and the British mobile forces have to mow them down AND NOT ALLOW "leakers!"  If you want to move and shoot, blasting away, you can do it.  If you want a very cerebral experience, you can have that, too!

#2.  AH's silver box edition of NAPOLEON, the block game on the Waterloo Campaign.  Plays really fast; one can get a couple or three games done in an afternoon.  Simple rules, some real nuance in play, and quite tense for the players (you can play up to three!).  Sure, there are later editions by Columbia Games and I do play them, but I still love this!

#3.  AH's edition of the old SPI game, FREDERICK THE GREAT.  You can play the whole Seven Years' War in yearly scenarios, so the scenarios themselves don't take long to play.  So much friction and uncertainty in the game; the rules are relatively simple but do a good job in capturing the essence of the style of warfare of the era.  Granting (or refusing Honors of War when winning a siege, calculating advantages and drawbacks of prisoner exchanges, the agony of watching your marches fall short, etc., all of these things really make the game so much fun!

#4  AH's AIR ASSAULT ON CRETE game.  A lot of people liked it for the little mini-game, INVASION: MALTA, that came with it, but I was addicted to the base game--a real nail-biter  Simple rules and very tough for both the German and the Commonwealth player.  Both sides will swear they are losing throughout most of the game!  An under appreciated gem.

#5.  SPI's best title in the "Divisional Series" operational-level games--TURNING POINT: THE BATTLE OF STALINGRAD.  The game covers the Soviet Operation URANUS offensive that encircled Sixth Army and continues through to the failed German relief effort, Operation WINTER TEMPEST.  But there are other German OOB variants you can fool with to get them a bit of a chance, as well as foregoing the "Hitler Idiocy" rule freezing Sixth Army in place for the first turn.  Played the hell out of this game until other more complicated games came along on the subject.  Still like it, even to this day!


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