played a bit of Red Vengeance , i have to say it is fun!

very good for solo play.Red Vengeance , concerns the last 11 months of ww2 on the eastern front. the initiative is with russia, the germans straining to stay alive,winner is determined by victory points taken from cities and casualties. the game has some interesting step reduction and retreat rules, and chrome that can affect combat. combat?!? well, do you like dice? really really like dice?? you better for this game-each attack factor gets its own die roll same on defense. this game makes tobruk look like your corner "craps" game! be forwarned. overall, it is a fun,kinda silly dice fest,with the russians just not having to do something boneheaded to win. as i said it is a good solo outing,and others have stated this, most saying its more fun as the russians, but i put the russians on auto-pilot and found maneuvering the germans to "block" the reds more fun. between 2 players, the game favours the russians about 70 to 30, the german can commit to denying the russians certain victory conditions, but they will mostly be the victims of attrition. beer and pretzels?!-give the russian player a few vodkas for each stein of german beer and you will have a fun few hours...

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