Roger's killing all the less serious "is X a wargame threads".
Will my ASL one go? It was a bit more serious in intent, but 
seems to have degenerated. 

Police state watchers want to know....

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lol - ASL fanbois.

Ah, the term fanbois is apparently 'trolling'. Even though I describe myself with
it in regard to some games.

Three days this time. And I think that's it. BGG has made it clear that I cannot post there.

I have a feeling that a lot was said behind the scenes. Those ASL guys were pissed!

Fucking pathetic. Bunch of folk who aren't even regular come and close something down that way.

It's the last straw for me. I'm done with the wargame forum there.

Used to be, it was more reasonable than the main boards,
but the two bans I've drawn recently show the opposite.

Yeah, I end up posting a lot in the Advance After Combat guild thread.  Much more easygoing folk there.

There does appear to be a distinct lack of humour in that thread. :-/

In the end though, it's the shit assed moderation policy which encourages the bad behavior by
those who can't stand hearing certain voices.

The site drove me away before I started posting vids. It will suck to lose a source
of inspiration for some discussions, but I can't take this crap anymore.

And I just saw your new avatar on BGG. Geez Enrico, and you call me emo! :D

If I deleted my account, that would be different. This is merely communicating
when I cannot in any other way. It shall remain.


Isn't that what GOT me into this situation?

Regrettably, yes. Doesn't say much for BGG.


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