Roger's killing all the less serious "is X a wargame threads".
Will my ASL one go? It was a bit more serious in intent, but 
seems to have degenerated. 

Police state watchers want to know....

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I enjoyed my year of blogging every day over at BGG.  There are some genuinely great folks there, but I'm growing weary of not seeing the kind of content I'm interested in reading.

I've been throwing out some puff-piece questions to try to solicit some discussion, but what's interesting, and it supports the bizarre social patterns on BGG, is that people are happy to respond.  They are thrilled to engage when you patter back their opinion with a "You're right AND", but they are incredibly hostile if you add a "Maybe ... BUT..."

Their other new pasttime there is mimic'ing Reddit/Digg/Fark where someone posts a topic and it's a race to find (and reward) the quippiest responses.  I'm happy to join in once things have devolved, but that's not really a conversation at that's a bunch of people yelling LOOK AT ME! while 2 or 3 other sub-discussions happen within a 5+ page thread...

I'm growing more disappointed as time goes on sadly.

To bad you don't have over text


Wow Enrico, 

You too huh. Keith brings a point up about quips. As with Reddit and IMGUR the fastest and funniest is what generates content in the drive by funnies for sure, that is changing the nature of the forums.

There are fewer longer serious discussions that stay on thread or do not devolve into hate filled crap.

I just had a similar experience on Facebook with 2 or 3 people. Which drove me to bail on my personal profile, delete a bunch of people over there and consider just posting  on the bigboard only about gaming and no personal updates.  With BGG devolving it seems the fine balance of rancorous but good natured conversation is about over. 

I really like the Forum layout though.

I don't mind people going at it - what I mind is the stupid game of tattling.


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