OK, group . . . we're heading into the 3rd level of playtesting for the fast and furious multi-player game on the Range Wars of the old West, THE WILD WEST. We've now got a great-looking map from Mark Mahaffey, picture-laden cards, and we are about to add a 9th shootist (Ben Thompson). We've got playing time down to under 3 hours, and we're getting lots of interaction . . .

We're looking for a couple of new tester groups to chime in, as Developer Andy Young starts to try to wrap it all up.

So, if you have the interest, the tim,e the energy . . .and the players . . . let me know here and we'll put you in touch with Andy Y. WILD WEST is going to be a major fun game.

Thanx for volunteering

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This game sounds like fun. Would you like to come down to the design group and write a description of its mechanics and ideas?
How do I do that?

Join the group "The world of designing" and start a discussion where you present the game with its mechanics and ideas. It would be great to read
Kim . . . asi asked somewhere else, how do I get to "the design group" ?

WILD WEST has now gone VASSAL, so that shoukld make it easier for some of you to jump on in to ehat is proving to be quite a Fun Game.

And soon we will be scouring the countryside for playtesters for INFIDEL, next in the "Men of Iron" series . . .

Here you will find the group:


Write something about Infidel too. That would also be interesting.
I think I will wait to be "scoured". I can get some folks to do Infidel with me, but I don't have a reliable multi-player group.

Are the draft rules available somewhere? I think a read of those would let me know if I can get people from my group to play.

Nick D
Yes they are Nick . . .email me with your email address so I can send them to you . . . and WEST is also playable on Vassal (complete with the neat-o map Mark Mahaffey did.)

OK, sent you GeekMail. Couldn't figure out how to from email here.

Nick D
Nick . . .for some reason I can't find that Geek Mail (probably because I have several accounts there, 2 of them non-working). Email me at BergBROG@Comcast,net . . . . Thanx

OK, email sent.

Nick D
And received . . .and rules file sent. Hope they came thru OK.



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