The last Bulge game I played was DG's Wacht Am Rhein, 2nd Edition. I should also quickly add that this playthrough was with the playtest version which my buddy, Dick Sauer, was officially playtesting for Joe Youst.

The one I want to play next is Nathan Kilgore's Iron Tide, published by Pacific Rim. I've always been a fan of the Victory in the West game system, so it's just a matter of shaking free one day to set this one up.

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Iron Tide works reasonably well. It suffers only from some minor quibbles. Fortunately there are actually several excellent titles now available for the Bulge enthusiast, such as myself (or Skip, why isn't Skip in this group yet, the bum!). The top ones I'd rate at the regimental/brigade level at this time are Deluxe Bitter Woods, Ardennes '44, Iron Tide, Bulge '81 and of course I still hold a sentimental favorite as Ardennes Offensive. I have coming from GMT the FAB Bulge, but having played it before I put it on the Bulge Lite and not as good as grouping. Wacht II is in my mind excellent, superb really, but it does take having the ear of Joe Youst to play it well because the rules are convoluted and difficult to follow (sorry Joe, but it's true, those things read like an IBM Mainframe tome from the era of the mystique of computers). It is great fun to pull out a few other titles though their flaws have to be somewhat corrected by house rules, such as Gamers' SCS Ardennes. Nothing can rescue certain titles such as Rand Gaming Associates' Hitler's Last Gamble (not to be mistaken for the HJ 'Last Gamble' or 3W game of the same title), or Attacks in the Ardennes from GDW.

While I don't want to be leaving the impression I'm badmouthing anyone's effort, America Triumphant and Bastogne or Bust just can't do it for me on this topic (though if you think for one second I'll give up any from my Bulge collection you are sadly mistaken).

I've still a warm spot for the first Bulge title from Dunnigan, Bastogne, which is interesting but a horrible mess to play, with a very painful counter density and ugly map to boot, not to mention the uniform order of battle for all units in the thing.

Last but not least, I must mention Dunnigan's last and favorite title, Bulge, which was reprinted as Big Red One. I cannot claim to like it though it does incorporate something unique other games do not. That being a means for immediate victory by either side to happen in any given turn. The problem with this title is my imagination cannot engage in this title no matter what I do. It just doesn't feel like it's the Bulge.

For solo play I've really come to favor Ardennes '44. For face to face Deluxe Bitter Woods. Though I do have to try Iron Tide a couple more times.
Ardennes '44
Butch and I played A44 with Butch as the Allies. St. Vith and Clervaux were the problems like history and they kept me out of Bastogne and away from the Ourth.
Yes. FAB: The Bulge looks to be very playable and something I'm sure I will be able to play sometime this year. If you play it any time soon, let us know what you think of it!
Last played WAR2 from Decision. I'm looking forward to the 2nd edition as well as the Huertgen add on Joe is working on.

Not keen on FAB : Bulge just because it is block based. From the pics I've seen and the comments I've read, it is very popular and looks like it was very well done. I hope to see it at the Expo this year and then I'll make a final decision.

Hey Franklin..You better get to the Expo this year man!
I am willing to house/feed anyone willing to drive to Northern Michigan and teach me Iron Tide or play A-44 with me!!!
Now there's a unique offer, Joe! Why not?...hope you get a volunteer!
A short list of my recent solo games:

- Wacht am Rhein 2 (DG)
- Ardennes'44 (GMT)
- Bloody 110 (The Gamers)

Waiting for Danny S. Parker's Battle of the Bulge
Jonas--you absolutely have to tell us how your BLOODY 110 game went. So many of us ogle that game but so few play it.
Hey John, if time is the factor, save some by setting up the CyberBoard, AdC2 or the Vassal version. I have a starting scenario that places all of the units on the board except for the free set ups, which are no problem.
If its the cardboard ye crave, note the exquisite setup sheet and also note the numbers are printed on the counters themselves. Oh and there is a cool phone interview you can listen to while setting up...:)
The last Bulge game I played was L2D's Bitter Woods 4nd Edition.
I Want to olay next is SPI's Battles for the Ardennes 1st Edition.
And so next is Tigers in the Mist(GMT).
It's been so long that I hardly remember. But I guess the last Bulge game I played (except maybe for the Bulge scenario in the computer game Panzer General) was AH's Bulge '91 (Smithsonian edition).

I've owned all three AH versions of Battle of the Bulge. Liked the '81 version the best. Appreciated the size and length of the '91 version, but I had to add some house rules (for instance, I hated that the Germans were not required to advance; they could theoretically just sit behind the Siegfried Line and pick off Allied units and win that way).

I keep eyeing Bitter Woods, wondering if I should take the plunge. Sure looks pretty--but I don't know if I have the patience for a big wargame anymore.


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