Wonder what you consider the 'best' games about the Bulge as for ergonomics/uncomplexity vs historical relevance ?
I love Tigers in the Mist (GMT) - naturally, because I'm #1 in its Ladder now ;-) but it has its quirks - "too harsh" irreversible attrition; counterattacks strongly punished; Bastogne rarely is worth leaving as an "island"...
Also played Bulge (AH/Smithsonian 1991) and it has its quirks too, more severe - notably in the victory conditions. Germans can infiltrate, encircle and liquidate a few US divisions, then retreat with minimal loss off map to Germany... (that would mean abandon the Siegfried Line ?!?)
The new Fast Action Battles: Bulge (FAB1) looks intriguing... still divisions as basic units isn't too little choice ?

... For the heavy side: I've heard good about the classic Wacht am Rhein; wonder what other good/better alternatives there are, and in what cases the extra work is worth the better story...

Thanks for thinking about this ! Mircea

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For me, the best one I ever played was SPI's Battles for the Ardennes.

I wish I had a copy now.

Right now, on the list of games to play are two bulge games; SPI's Wacht am Rhein and 'Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes'

L2's Bitter Woods looks really nice; I have often condiered its purchase.
Without a doubt Iron Tide, More simulation- less shelf time. I could be predjudiced of course, being that I designed my favorite system into the Bulge.
I'm finally going to get a chance to play Iron Tide sometime this month. Looking forward to it, beautiful looking game.
The original AH Battle of the Bulge game (1965) is often knocked for the historical accuracy of its deployment, but wherever I've read this no-one's given specifics. I've just checked the game's initial US depoyment with maps and information on the US Army military history website and it seems perfectly in order. Nothing glaringly out of position. Does anyone know the precise nature of the criticism of this game in terms of deployment?
For simple, you probably can't beat One-Page Bulge (Steve Jackson Games), though it's now out of print.

Soon to come, though, is Bulge 20 (Victory Point Games), which looks like a novel, command-centered approach.

My first historical wargame was the 1965 edition of AH's Bulge, which I bought in 1970 or so. Liked the 1981 version better. Didn't care for the 1991 "Smithsonian" edition.


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