Hello, Chicago Wargamers. This is the place where we can introduce ourselves and discuss games we would like to play.

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I guess we are wargaming flyover country. I hope this group will be a chance for people to find local game groups. If we get enough people maybe we can sponsor a regular game day. Right now I am in game group that meets about once a month. On Monday we played Eisenbach Gap and Conquest of Paradise. We are on the Near-Northwest side of Chicago. Mostly I like the cdgs and ASL. Michael what games do you like to play ?
I play mostly ASL and GCACW, but I have a huge pile of stuff I'd like to try or revisit. I've never touched any of the cdgs in my collection yet, so I'd like to give them a try sometime too. I've only recently moved to Chicago from Michigan so I am happy to have this new place to find local gamers. If you look at my profile you will see I am a pretty much a grognard at heart, willing to play pretty much any board wargame from any time period. I currently live in Park Ridge, so not too far from the NW side.
About to relo to the East Coast, but I've known Ted a few years, and we do light wargaming along with fresh Euros from time to time. I tend to prefer the card-driven ones.
I've been playing with Ted's group about 2 years. I have a wide range of games in my collection - from traditional wargames to a lot of Euro stuff. Monday night we played King of Siam and Race for the Galaxy.
Hi Ted,

I live in Justice, IL. It is about 20 min southwest from Midway Airport. I play ASL and Combat Commander plus a lot of other games.

Thanks for starting this group. I live up near the Wisconson boarder near Fox Lake. I have been to the Game Stop for a AH classic war game day and there is a small group of monster gamers up north that are now playing Case Blue. You'd have to view my page to see a few of my fav war games, but WIE, WitE, FitE/SE/U, DNO/UNT, TNW, RS/WS, OCS, SCS are just a few of my favs.
Hi everyone. I'm in the Logan Square area, near where Milwaukee crosses Fullerton. Like Patrick up above, I've been playing with Ted's group for about two years. I'll play pretty much anything, wargames or euros. Lately I'm looking to play FAB Bulge, C&C Ancients, Twilight Struggle, 1960, Eisenbach Gap, and Combat Commander. I'm also hoping to try one of the Columbia block titles sometime soon. And I'm counting the days until my Devil's Cauldron arrives.
I'm also in Chicago - in the Lincoln Square area
Hello all, I live in Lake County. Once work settles down I plan on meeting up with Don Lazov again so we can duke it out again with either Afrika or Cobra. Or maybe we can play something easy like The Next War......hah.
Dan, I can't wait, The Next War sounds like a winner for me. Once spring or summer gets here we can leave it setup at your place (my wife, 4 kids, dog or cat won't allow us this luxury). Also at the end of May they will all be gone for about 2 months, so more time to game.
I'm kind of an Ur-Chicagoan. I live in Missouri, but I work for the City as a consultant. I'm usually in either City Hall or at the DePaul Center. I hotel at Congress Plaza on Michigan.

I try to get in a gaming session every week. I have an opponent right in my office, who I discovered in conversation one day is a wargamer too. Another fellow, Tony Adams, is a CSW regular, and we have an EotS game in progress. Tony lives in Mt. Prospect just minutes from Games Plus.

If any of you are convenient to the Loop, let's get together for supper one night, or something, if not a quick game.
I recently moved to Chicago. I would like to start face-to-face wargaming. I don't have any favorite games...I enjoyed playing ASL in college (roommate had many modules) and I think I want to stick to that game level (tactical sim?). I am also interested in checking out the Lock 'n Load series since it seems to be on a similar scale to ASL but without all the rules.
That's all for now.


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