Hello, Chicago Wargamers. This is the place where we can introduce ourselves and discuss games we would like to play.

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Hi Jim from northwest side of Chicago.90-94 junction. Gamed back in the late 70's early 80's and went on a recent spending splurge and looking to play new games. I'm rusty a bit am looking to set aside 1 night a week for gaming. Games to be played FAB Bulge, Napoleons triumph, Downtown, Red star Rising, Gringo, Russian Campaign, Hannibal, For the people, twilight Struggle, Rommel in the desert, crusader rex, here I stand, empire of the sun, europe engulfed etc.

let me know if anyone is interested. Right now I am chewing on a few of the rules for several games and am looking forward to wreaking havoc on the battlefield!

I am also in the NW area (up near Fox Lake). There are a couple of ASL groups that meet once a month and there is also a few other groups up near here. I have been to one of the two other groups and to both ASL meetings (sounds like an AA meeting doesn't it? Well ASL is an addiction isn't' it?).

From you list of titles I have RSR (not yet played it), TRC, and HW (not yet played it). I have just over 200 games on all subjects. Time is the killer.

Do you want me to try to put you in touch with the other groups (or even the ASL, but they mostly only play ASL)?
Hi Dan, thanks ffor the info but actually I remember trying to play ASL and I just wasn't into it unfortunately. If you know of another group that plays the hex based, card driven or block games let me know, Thanks.

My name is Don, not Dan, besides the two ASL groups there are two other groups that I attend. One we are currently doing a monster GBII/CB/EATG (in case you don't know that is Gudierians Blitzkrieg/Case Blue/Enemy At the Gates all from MMP or the OCS = Operational Combat Series).

The other two or three groups play everything from the classics (TRC, DDay, AK, STL i.e. The Russian Campaign, D-Day, Afrika Korps, Stalingrad) to SPI to more modern games (i.e. games from MMP, GMT, MMP etc).

So as not to confuse you ASL = Advanced Squad Leader which is a hex based tactical war game. Most of the places I go to up here play only war games, however some groups do play other non war games if your interested in that genre.

Best regards~
Sorry about the name mixup Don. can you tell me about the classic war game groups. Wgere and when do they meet. Thanks a lot

Hi, I'm John Bobek. I've been wargaming since 1962 in one form or another. I'm the former editor of the IFW's International Wargamer, and author of The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with Toy Soldiers, Ships, and Planes.. It's a collection of 39 sets of rules for miniatures battles/campaigns/roleplaying. (Sort of a one source does it all). I'm a teacher, coach, board member of several boards, vocalist, member of the SCCA, photographer and paintballer. I also love to read when I have time LOL.
While I have a number of boardgames, I usually don't play them anymore as written. Mostly, I use them for miniature campaigns. I do play chess, particularly kriegspiel chess.
I live near Midway Airport (O'Hare lite) and game sporadically during the school year, but nearly every Sunday during the summer. Have games, will travel. I do games occasionaly at the Bookends Cafe in the Oak Lawn Library.

Just adding my own belated how-do-you-do here. I'm Christina Kahrl, and I was a fairly serious wargames as a pre-teen/teen back in the late '70s to mid '80s, before the heartbreak of TSR's takeover of SPI and my departure for college and switching to an awful lot of Strat-O-Matic baseball (it was easier to get people to play, and easier to move components around to play FTF).

So, fast-forward a few decades, and I miss wargaming, and decided back in March to take a look at where the industry's gone. And what did I see but so many cool developments that it was easy to get back into it. Now I've traded for or purchased a whole lot of games (especially CDGs), and I'm looking forward to getting back in action. Particularly FTF (I need to learn about Vassal), but just in general, happy to be getting back into the swing of things.


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