Just found this group (actually this whole area of discussion) while looking
for the WBC site. Newington is not too far from your meetings so perhaps
I'll drop by one of these times.

I think I was there one time about..oh 10 years ago and you had about 5-6 people show up that Friday night.

Do you host a specific game or is it just whatever anybody brings that meeting?

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Hi Bob,

The CCWA meets this Friday- being a holiday weekend I'm not sure about turnout. We've been averaging 10-15 gamers every meeting. Been playing quite a few games. From Twilight Struggle to Combat Commander, to Britannia, To 7 Ages and many more. I have directions and details in the Connecticut Gamers group. Contact me if you need more info.


Can't make it this weekend but I'll keep checking back to see days you are meeting.
What are dues, requirements to bring, ect?

If I offered a game of Tigers in the Mist, Breakout Normandy, We the People
or Atlantic Storm, Titan Arena, Gangsters, would anybody play these, or do you just do basicly one "group" game each meeting?
Hi Bob,

We have no dues. We play pretty much anything. Definitely NOT a one game group.


Great, Okay, when I get able to make it that week, I'll send out a message to group
about games played....In fact, with this medium, perhaps it would be a good forum
to "announce" what is the main flavor of the week/month to attract players?
Well, the last meeting, this past Friday we had 4 different games and 15 guys playing. Some plan in advance and then inevitably someone brings the latest hot game and some guys just jump in and play. Either way, it seems to work out.

This medium certainly helps and the recruiting I've been doing in recent years has paid off in more games played.
Okay, sounds good.
I'll see what I can clear up in the next few weeks.


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