Our Next meeting is Friday - December 5th at 6:30 PM - details below.

The Central Connecticut Wargaming Association (CCWA) meets twice a month (every first and third Friday) to play a wide variety of wargames and board games. The club is the playtesting home of Blue Iguana Games.

We welcome and encourage new people to visit and become regular members. Members also seem to get together outside the club to play against each other face to face.

We meet every first and third Friday at 6:30 PM, We play all kind of wargames and games.

Meeting time and place:

The Central Connecticut Wargaming Association meets every first and Third Friday every Month at the Windsor Volunteers Firehouse (Reserve) on Rte 159 in the Wilson Section of Windsor, CT.

Driving Directions to the Central Connecticut Wargaming Association:

From points North of Hartford:

Take exit #35B toward BLOOMFIELD/WINDSOR - go 0.3 mi
Turn Left on CT-218 - go 0.5 mi
Turn Right on WINDSOR AVE[CT-159]
This is a divided road, the fire house will be on the left approx 1 mi. If you go under the next I-91 underpass and arrive in Hartford, turn around and head back on Rte 159 North.
Firehouse will be on your right approx 0.2 mi on right.

From points South of Hartford:

Take exit #34/CT-159 toward WINDSOR AVE - go 0.3 mi
Turn Left on MEADOW RD - go 0.1 mi
Turn Right on WINDSOR AVE [CT-159] toward WINDSOR/WILSON
Firehouse will be on your right approx 0.2 mi on right.

The firehouse is a two story brick structure. Please park on the North side of the building parking lot. The entrance is next to the two side truck bays. Take a right go down the stairs and through the doors into the meeting room.

Please E-mail me if you need more info.

Don't forget to bring a game you want to play! Hope to see you at our next meeting!

Good Gaming!

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Glad to have found you guys. I didn't realize there was a group like this close to where I live. What games have you played recently at your meetings?
We had some good games played last evening at the Central CT Wargaming Assoc. Wings of War, Twilight Struggle, Manoeuvre, Axis and Allies D-DAY. It seemed a good time was had by all.

Wings of War looks like a fun game and has been getting some play as of late down at the club. Same applies to Twilight Struggle which has had at least one game going for the past several meetings.
Hi Rob,

We’ve played Combat Commander, Britannia, Ticket to Ride, playtested a game, Twilight Struggle, ASL, Panzerblitz, Axis and Allies ship mini’s and quite a few more. You are most welcome to join us!

We meet tomorrow night.

It will probably be May before I can make it to a meeting (getting married next month) but I definitely plan to come and check you guys out. Thanks for starting up this group.
Congratulations on the impending marriage!

I hope you can find some time to come on down at some point.

We played some 7 Ages last night- we bit off more than we could chew with that one. Not that it is really complex, but we missed a number of rules having quickly read the rules and started playing.

We have a Saturday game day at the Ellington CT library on the 22nd and among the games to be played is 7 Ages. So last night was a good tuneup for that day.


Congrats- marriage is a good thing from my experience. Not to mention I have a little 7 year old wargamer... wants to play daddy's games.

Anyway please come on down when you get the chance or if busy stop by and say hello!


Our next meeting is April 4th same place, same bat channel...
Had a meeting last evening- April 4th.

Next meeting April 18th.

See comments by me about the last meeting above.
You guys are meeting next Friday, May 2, right? I think I can make that one. Any games scheduled yet?
Hi Rob,

Correct- the next meeting is May 2nd.

I am sure we'll have some games of Twilight Struggle, Wings of War among others. As we get closer to the 2nd we'll have a better idea of what may be played too. Many games tend to be of the pickup or consensus variety when folks arrive.

Look forward to you coming on down.
Sounds good. I'm always up for TS and I've been interested in learning Wings of War. If anyone is interested in block games, I recently picked up Athens and Sparta which I could bring, too.
Hi Rob,

Was nice to meet you.

Me and Craig finished our Twilight War game- with me, the Americans winning in the 6th turn. I Played the Bear Trap on Craig, which allowed me a move to reinforce Central America, before playing the VP card for the region. The Bear trap contained him long enough to get the win. He would have played the Asia Card in his next play where he was strong- so it was a game of timing to be sure.

Nice to see the Americans win- tho I am sure we played far from optimally... But then again we had fun.

Good Gaming!



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