A place to collect rules missing from the ruleset.

1) Row #1 in the terrain cards is the bottom row, or the row closest to the player. (Interpolation from rules speaking of staging areas below Row #1).

2) When do you remove the PC marker from a card?

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1/ is clarified from the illustrated play document here http://www.gmtgames.com/fof/FoFExampleFinal.pdf

2/ The same document seems to imply you remove the PC Markers after you've generated/checked for potential Contacts

I'm struggling with the Incoming Contact, but I'm re-reading the rules tomorrow and will know doubt add my own questions afterwards
1) Not sure if this is explicit in the rules anywhere, but it follows from the statement in 2.3.4 that you place the line of departure marker between the staging area and row 1.

2) This is described in 9.1.3 and 9.1.5.

Not that there are not other things missing.
Oh, there are *many* things not apparent or missing in the rules. One thing I'm trying to get my head around is using the Jeep in the first mission/1944. It appears that you need to get a driver first (I'm using the XO, but you don't order the Jeep specifically to move, you order the Jeep to activate, then it can move or do other things. So to get a driver, you have to give the XO (in my case) a Transport order, then give the Jeep an activate vehicle order, then it moves later in the turn, then you have to give a Transport order to pick up casualties (or whatever you're transporting), then activate the jeep to move again later. Since it needs a driver (any one step unit), it can only carry one other step, in this case a casualty.

Do I have this right? It seems to be a fairly involved process. I'm not sure if the XO can give orders to units not in the Jeep, so I'm assuming that it works just like the usual visual/verbal setup, and I have no idea if the Jeep can take cover or not.

Here's another one: during the game, I manage to become Engaged, although one VoF is the result of mortar fire and will go away in a turn or two. The other enemy generating VoF is an LMG unit that gets replaced by a Paralyzed LAT, so now there are no VoF markers generated by the enemy and none on the cards I'm on. Do I go back to No Contact, as there isn't a VoF marker on any US-occupied cards, or No Contact even though I have an enemy unit spotted? Or do I stay at the "highest" level of status regardless of changes?

And one more: The Germans are counter-attacking, and I roll a Maneuver action for them, which says I'm supposed to infiltrate with a squad. The rule (conveniently located on the cover of the briefing booklet, after digging through rules for 30 minutes) says nothing about what you do if there *isn't* a squad on the map. Do I now *place* a squad in the resolution card and see if it's infiltrated or not (and thus gets an exposed marker or doesn't)? Do I infiltrate a weapon team, which is not a squad? Do I not do anything because there is no squad on the map? Pah!

Every time I think I have this game figured out, I get lost again. IMHO, GMT blew this rather badly (perhaps worse than the fiasco with the Great War In Europe Deluxe counter problems), and should just hire a freakin' tech writer to redo the rules. They'll have to anyway when (if?) there's an expansion or future game in the series, why not do it now before the entire hobby gives up because the rules are so opaque? I'm very tempted to put this on the shelf for three months until the rules are both clear and complete, but I think I'm an optimist.
I'm pretty sure it's been clarified in the errata. They're up to four full pages now.

They are starting to get the errata up to a point where it's answering some of the obvious questions, but I'm alarmed that so many things from the 'Geek aren't being included. I don't think the developer goes over there, as CSW tends to be more fanboi-ish in it's treatment of designers/developers/publishers. On the 'Geek, I can call it like I see it. On CSW, I get shouted down, and I noticed even the designer had a smarmy comment about how nice it was to be in Iraq and get negative feedback. Sorry you're in Iraq, dude, that doesn't excuse the state of the rules at publication, and the comment was aimed at the developer anyway.


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