Does anyone know if new tracks are being published? Say, for instance, The Turkish or the Bahrain circuits?

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New tracks are being done, but Bahrain was part of the original expansions that will not be reprinted. Because of the new "street racing" rules, new tracks seem to be consisting of a regular road course and an imaginary one based inside a city. For example, the first Formula D expansion is Sebring/Chicago (out now) and the second is going to be Hockenheim/Valencia. At $25-30 for the pair, it's tough for me to justify as I would only be using the track side.
Original Expansions? I've got tracks 1-32...what number are they up to now?
I noticed you wrote "Formula D" and not Formula De. Is there a difference? I don't know anything about "Street Racing" rules; sounds like things have changed.
Yes, the game has been re-issued as "Formula D" with "street racing" rules in addition to the regular rules. The re-issue comes with Monaco and some city track on the back instead of the old #2 track.

I think the original expansion went up to 36. Asmodee, who is printing the new version, said they will *not* re-issue any old tracks.
Well, I see where the second set of new tracks is Hockenheim/Valencia - but Hockenheim was also #15 of the old set, so maybe they *will* be doing some more reprints after all. I already have Hockenheim and don't care about the "street" stuff, so I can skip this one, but I may pick up the first one (Sebring/Chicago East park) just to get Sebring. I do see that the new Hockenheim is somewhat different though.

Looking at BoardGameGeek it looks like the original had 35 tracks (an odd number because #33 was a single track, the "10th Anniversary" track and not a real one.
Bahrain &Shanghai are tracks 34 &35; I found 2 on Ebay but I won't bid over $30.00, so I lost out. I, too, would like to have the Sebring circuit.
Valencia is a "real" track; I wonder if they just made something up and called it Valencia or if it's the actual circuit?
None of the Hobby shops in the Grand Rapids area that I know of carry many board games anymore, so I can't go look before I buy. I'll take a peek at Boardgamegeek.
Yeah, I know there's a real track at Valencia, but what I see in the pictures is some sort of street setting. It doesn't look like the track to me.

Here's the Hockenheim/Valencia tracks:

Third expansion of the new set will be Singapore and a street track to be determined by a contest. (
I took a look at the Valencia street circuit at Boardgamegeek; it looks pretty good to me; I expect I'll eventually get that one and Sebring; I liked the old Hockenheim circuit (with the long straight through the forest) much better than the new shortened version.
Are there any major rule changes in the "D" version as opposed to the "De" version; would it be worthwhile to get the newer game, do you think?
As I recall, Valencia used to (years ago) host an F1 race; if it's the track I'm thinking of, it isn't a street circuit. I do like street circuits...I wish F1 did more of them.
I think there are some basic rules changes but the advanced/optionals are the same. The tracks are all compatible. The major changes are in the "street" rules - if you don't care about those, you don't need the game (unless you want some updated components. There's two video reviews at (scroll down and check out the "video" tab) that will give you a better idea of some of the differences.

I compared the street circuit to the layout of the Valencia F1 track and they don't look the same to me.
I would not characterize any of the rules changes as being major. Even the street rules are 95% canon FdE with a few 'fast and the furious' street gimmick rules added. Each character driver gets a special ability that is usually a once per race or once per lap opportunity to do something distinctly not 'FdE' such as saving a tire point by drifting in a turn or throwing something at the other drivers. IIRC, the street racers can use Nitrous once per race to boost a die roll and all cars 'recover' some points each lap (sort of an underway replenishment in lieu of a Pit Stop.) Oh yeah, random gunshots can be fired at your car at one point on the track... Expansion street tracks so far have a special gimmick or two to add associated with each track.

The non-street FD rules are probably 99% identical to FdE with just a little reorganization and repacking. I can't think of any substantive change made. The car dashboards (a plastic block with plastic pegs to record car points AND a little plastic gear shift to track the gear you are) are pretty nice, IMHO... but would not justify buying the new set. I like the new cars, some people hate them. (I'll buy them from anyone looking to get rid of them, btw... :) The new box organizes the items better though the old box wasn't so bad...

All in all, if you have FdE, there is really no compelling rule or component reason to buy FD other then just to complete your collection and to get an extra set of the gear dice. I believe the FD rules are still available from Asmodee in a complete, free download? They were when FD was first released.

- C
Yes, i think the new components are nice, but not nice enough to part with $50 since my game is in pretty good shape other than using up almost all the 2-lap pads. That's where the new one has a bonus - you don't have to worry about using those up. I really need to get around to laminating some of those so I can just use the dry-erase pens on them.

As for the street rules - I haven't any use for them. I like the idea of recreating an F1 race, not a special effects flick, but whatever. Since the new tracks are compatible, and they are doing at least one side with a real race track, then that's OK. The cost of getting some of the old tracks is outrageous. I have a few I'd like to get and might pay some stupid prices for, the rest I will get if I find them cheap somewhere (ha!). So having a source for some new tracks is nice, even if I ignore the second track on the back.
Why ignore the 2nd track? You don't have to use the "street rules". It looks like you could use the "F1" rules with the "street tracks."
I'm not interested in the street rules either, but I do like F1 street races.
Well, they have intersections, jumps and criss-crossing sections. A bit too goofy for me. I like the idea of being on a real track, not some goofy demolition derby track.


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