Sooooo hard to nail down. I love OPERATION MICHAEL. I love FALLSCHIRMJAGER. And, most of all, I love STALINGRAD POCKET II. How am I supposed to pick just one? I've not even played GUADALAJARA yet! Or A MIGHTY ENDEAVOR! Sigh. AFRIKA 2nd Edition? I played the I could be conned into playing the second. ARDENNES? No...I can say that I could pass that title by given the competition by other Bulge games. What say you?

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Oh man...I forgot about that one!
My favorite SCS so far is Ardennes, although I've played Stalingrad Pocket II the most. I'm also a fan of Drive on Paris which I played once. The one I haven't played yet that I'd like to is Afrika 2nd Edition.
By far my favorite is Afrika II, followed by SPII, then AME, and finally Gazala. I've yet to play Ardennes or Dirve on Paris. Not really a bad game in the group honestly. More to the point they each play well FTF but also really well in PBeM.
Tough question, as they do have different flavor... Crusader is the one I played the most... Close second is Afrika (2nd Ed.). I played Mighty Endeavor twice. Gazala, twice, never to completion. SP II twice, Operation Michel once, Ardenne once. Drive on PAris once. Never Fallschirmajager, which should be done this year.

Besides Fall, the one I'm most eager to play is Mighty Endeavor. Tough sell for the Germans, but they have a small incentive on attacks. And Gazala, but scenario tha starts at turn 8 if my memory servs well. It's a system i really like, can't wait for Rock the MArne.

Which one I prefer, hmmm Africa probably, 2nd edition.
I often hear people being disapointed about Crusader, but this one can be played in an evening and is fairly accurate to the battle depicted. Please let me know !!! :-)

As for Yom Kippour, I played it about 3 times from memory. the Egyptians never came close to victory, but this one too can be played in an evening which is a good value, I forgot about this one too...

Funny, French company Oriflam produced a few of the early SCS. I own Stalingrad Pocket, Yom Kippour and Afrika which unfortunately has offset printed counters.

One question, what are the differences between SP and SPII? Are there people who prefer playing the 1 st edition which when it came out made a great impression. I never played st edition.
Yes, there are people who like SP over SPII... ME.

The first edition had a different (the original) sequence of play and very little special rules. It is free-flowing with lots of movement. The second edition introduced a lot of OCS style rules, which may have made a better simulation of the battle, but really slowed things down. I personally get bored with SPII by turn three...
Differences in Afrika I and II..
There's an article about this in Operations #51 by Alan Murphy I'd highly recommend. In short, for my money It's well worth the investment on the newer edition. The game has been updated graphically and streamlined in many aspects - stacking for one is now by units instead of 'points'. Either edition makes for a great game but my preference is for the latest.
My favorite is Fallschirmjaeger. I have all of them, but I have only played the following in order of preference:

FJ, Ardennes, Stalingrad Pocket, Afrika (First Edition), and SP II... I've setup both Gazala and Crusader, but never got to play.
I just bought my first one - Afrika II.

Looks really nice.
I have them all, I've played them all, I like them all... hey I even designed one of them :-)

Stalingrad Pocket: Greg, we'll have to agree to disagree... I think SP2 is far better than SP and in fact SP2 is my favorite SCS game. I am preparing an Operations article on the northern pincer scenario of SP2... let's hope you like it.

Afrika: I don't know why, but I didn't like the first edition that much... a good game, but nothing special, maybe the last in the line for me. Afrika 2 is better but I've played it just a couple of times so I still need more playing for a final evaluation.

Ardennes: Great gaming experience, although the Paris victory option turns history completely upside down... and makes a German victory far more likely... keep historical objectives in sight and it's a very nice game.

Yom Kippur: It looks like the hit and run tactic of the IDF will work forever... until it doesn't... it's easier to win as the Israeli player, but a good Egyptian player can snatch victory from defeat; believe me, it can be done. A fast and furious game with lots of stacks suddenly evaporating :-)

Crusader: A real beer&pretzels game. Very easy to learn, fast and furious action. Not too deep, but very fun. Nevertheless not too high in my list. Nice game to introduce newbies.

Gazala: More complex than Crusader. Little talk about this game, but it's one of the hidden gems in the series. Not easy to play well... you must take your time and make your moves with great precission... otherwise you may be toasted soon in the game.

Drive on Paris: Nice feeling. That impassable line may raise a lot of eyebrows but it's a perfect example of Dean's dessign for effect philosophy. Might look odd... but it works!!!!!

Fallschirmjager: People love this one. I also like it and consider it's a great game, but not one of the best I've played. Both sides have plenty of things to do, lots of attacks to launch and quite a few desperate defenses to prepare.

Operation Michael: More WWI feeling than DoP. Hard to get used to the stosstruppen flexibility. Once you do, the game flows easily. Didn't like it that much when I playtested it, but I've learnt to like it each time I try it.

A Mighty Endeavor: Positive feelings, but three games is too short an experience to say more about this game.

Guadalajara: This one is my baby... so I might, just might, be biased... I'll let you make your own opinion.
Yes, it is. That's precisely what rule 1.14b means
Easy - FALLSCHIRMJAGER, not wait it's THE MIGHTY ENDEAVOR, err no it's ARDENNES, oh I know it's YUM KIPPUR! Oh dang it I forgot it's really AFRIKA. Oh shot I can't decide. Well if I were to get stranded somewhere with only one SCS game I guess I'd have to have...


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