I loved it when this new company from Nornal IL. came on the scene with DNO-a true monster game(and then later a monster series with Europa) if there was one. They made games on subjects the other two leaders weren't touching until later. I still love their games ,bad rules writing and all. and GDW was known for some loose rules that you could drive a truck through to figure out! But I stilled pressed on with them. And when they added the Conflict game line to their own and remade those games I was in heaven.

Yes GDW stands up there in the number three spot behind AH & SPI.

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Yes me to. I have DNO/UNT (still unpunched copies) and still several Europa's games. I created an Eastern GDW Cyberboard game box. It's up at LYG , you have to search for game boxes and then scroll down and click All Game Boxes. I also still have a copy of Road to the Rhine, I also worked with Skip F. on that game box as well. Although not monsters 1815 is a great GDW game as well. Oh and I still have most of the Assault series (missing the Chieftain module, but I got the Reinforcements module.

Great games.
I was so disappointed when I read in an early GDW flyer they had Austerlitz listed for a up coming game, and would have been regimental tlevel too but it never got designed. Heck,I even have those old flyers-I'm such a pack rat when it comes to wargaming.

Well I don't have my copies of DNO/UNT unpunched but one set I did buy from someone else is still all grouped together. I know I'll never get those counters sort out!

Oh, I deleted that Monster part of the intro
It's funny back when AH was around when I was younger I would buy and play more of those games than either SPI or GDW. But after all of these years, frankly GDW's games are the only older games I have any interest in picking up... For me I'm sure it is the content (they had a strong emphasis on the Cold War), but still I find it interesting.
Hi all

I just purchased a copy of Fire in the East , does anyone have any photos of a game setup? Ive seen the pics on boardgamegeek, but a lot of them are just scans of counters , or the total Europa maps setup, not just FitE

Robert I suggest you also try to find Scorched Earth (should run from 120-300).

I don't have any photos of it setup.
Well, im still basking in the after glow of getting FITE and SPIs Wacht am Rhein for 75 bucks, UNpunched!

so Ill wait a while for SE! :)
Did you get them both for 75 or each?
both :)
Now that's a good deal!


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