Not sure if you would include this in the 'Monster Game' category, but its a set of titles near and dear to my heart. My first experience was in High School when my friend and I spent 3 days locked in a bedroom with the game setup on the floor. What fun!!

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I loved the TWW series. I wished so hard back then they did a China/Russian/ Korean front version but it wasn't to be.

I even bought a extra set of counters from each game and have them sorted by counties in old AH generic game boxes for when I would do a TWW grand campaign( and sadly only done once so far)
A friend and I spent many Saturdays playing through a full version of the game. Russians won around turn 7 or 8 when they broke through the thin French and German forces in southern Germany and reached the Rhine. Allocating the US and Russian strategic reserves was key and NATO slighted that front. Loved the air game as a game within a game. We loved the system so much we developed maps, OOBs etc for China/Russian/Korea and had a great time with those as well. Alas, that was almost twenty years ago, we have more demanding jobs and live an hour apart now and I know we'll never have the space and time again. Still one of my cherished wargaming memories.
I've run into Chadwick at a couple of conventions and asked him if he thought he'd ever design boardgames again...... answer is a consistent smiling "No".
Good stuff Kim and Mike. Recently met someone in the area who owns the Central Front game, so we might be able to get that going...Not sure I will ever play all the games together again though. Either way, great memories!!
I've heard he is really, really into role play stuff... Sounds like Miller is too...
Well, if you'd like to revisit your memories of this fine game, even if vicariously, we are playing the full combined game with 8 players next Saturday and the one after in the St Louis area. We've set up a discussion for the event at

Has anyone done up any variants for TWW. I'm strating to get back into boardgaming (after far to long of a hiatus). This was one of my favorite games and I always wanted to find some expansions for it. Especially for the Far East and Eastern Europe (and the Indo-Pakistani border and the Indo-Chinese border and, and ....).

To second your request I would also throw in one of my own. Did anyone ever make any additional counters for the game. I always thought having the ability to break-down the american division into smaller elements  in the persian gulf was a no-brainer...


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