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This is a forum for Ici, c'est la France! It is a game of the French war in Algeria during the fifties (Legion Wargames).

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Comment by Dennis L. Bishop on June 14, 2008 at 8:10pm
I think that this game has a great deal of potential to demonstrate the complicated factors in a very accessible way. Of course the military means are important to the end, but unlike wars fought up to WWII, there are many other factors involved in victory.

I got the game actually set up, but it had to come down before the first solo turn due to another pressing KPG title. I am excited that KPG has the title as I very much enjoy the period, the participants, and I understand the impact of the war in Africa and Europe. The lessons learned were unfortunately lost.
Comment by Kim Kanger on June 14, 2008 at 10:05am
Here is the map:


The figures in every zone show the population density. It also shows, when added to the troop density number, the garrison value.
Comment by Kim Kanger on June 14, 2008 at 10:01am
Many French did
Comment by Steve Dixon on June 14, 2008 at 9:58am
Kim - Looking forward to this one.

As I may have mentioned to you before - my mother is French and her brother (my uncle) was in the French Army and fought during this war in Algeria. When he visited us a few years ago I tried to question him a bit about the war.

He was so soured by the experience that once he returned to France he left it never to return. He moved to Spain and lives in Barcelona.
Comment by Kim Kanger on June 14, 2008 at 9:19am
I will here try to point out the mechanics in ”Ici, c’est la France!”. It starts in winter 1955 and ends sometime in 1961-62. Each game turn is one season.

1) Allocation of new operation points: Both sides use operation points to pay for things they do. The maximum number ops that you may have are 20 points. The number of ops France gets will increase each game turn. FLN will get ops from each region that is contested or FLN controlled. The number of ops FLN gets also depends on how populated the contested or controlled regions are.

2) Political chits: You will have some on your hand and you will draw a new one each game turn except winters. These chits may affect…
a) …the ability of FLN to conduct the insurgency.
b) …the patience of the French public, which eventually will force an end to the war through a referendum. A referendum will (by rolling three dice) check each region and see if the population there votes pro-FLN or pro-France. This is one way of winning.
c) …the mood of the military and Pied-noirs (local French population in Algeria) who in the end might push France into the abyss.
d) …the Moslem population, making it more pro-FLN or more pro-France.
e) …the amount of operation points you start the game turn with.
f) …the French garrison value in Algeria. The higher it is the more difficult it is for FLN to contest or control a region.
g) …the war through specific events.

3) Reinforcements: FLN recruits new fighters in regions where they are present. The number of fighters they may recruit in a region depends on how large the population is and what allegiance it has. The cost in ops depends on the ability of the FLN and how pro-FLN the population is. France pays with ops for the reinforcements which arrive during the first 2-3 years. Therefore, it won’t that many ops left to spend before 1958.

4) FLN movement, attack and supply check:
a) Movement will cost ops if they enter a region controlled by France and FLN fighters may move no further after entering a region with no FLN presence.
b) After paying ops FLN may attack the civil society. Success will depend on the FLN ability and the number of fighters. A successful attack will make the population more pro-FLN (because of the retributions from the Pied-noirs)
c) The number of fighters which can be supplied in a region depends on how pro-FLN and how large the population is.

5) French movement, attack and supply check:
a) Movement will cost ops if they pass a region controlled by FLN.
b) French units may attack FLN fighters. After having paying ops the fighters have to be found first. If they are, the French units may attack and try to kill them off. Success will depend on the French units, the terrain and the allegiance of the population. The point is to decrease the amount of FLN fighters in a region and thereby deny FLN control or even contest there.
c) Regions, not units, check for supply. FLN will gain ops if regions can’t trace to an harbour without passing a FLN-controlled region.

6) Insurgency and counter insurgency:
a) FLN may spend ops and change the allegiance in a region which is contested or FLN controlled.
b) France may spend ops and change the allegiance in a region which is French controlled. If the region has an allegiance which is totally pro-FLN, it has to be purged first (which may fail).
c) France may also resettle part of a population in a region in order to decrease the FLN supply. But a resettlement will also push the population one step towards pro-FLN. France may also infiltrate in regions which are contested (only) in order to make the population less pro-FLN.

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