Reposting this from BGG figuring this was a (very!) targeted group!

I've decide I want to knuckle down and focus on a couple of games/game systems. Aside from Federation Commander, I'm hoping to find some gamers (or *a* gamer) who play or would like to learn to play either the Combat Command series, Clash of Heroes, or even Tide of Iron (or, shoot, maybe even the orginal Squad Leader). I know there's an active ASL group in the area, but I (very reluctantly) sold off my complete (unused) collection last year, and I'm just not ready to make the time/money investment again, especially when I've got these games already.

I haven't played any of them, but would like to learn! So, anyone out there interested in learning with me (or teaching me! ).

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I recommend you seek out Ken Nied on regular ConsimWorld, he may be up for it, or know someone who is. He really like Streets of Stalingrad 3d addition.

You could also check out ASL Starter kit, that has three modules now and 8-16 pages of rules. What is the Combat Command series? If you meant COmbat Commander CDG by GMT, I've got it and played it a couple of times. The Mediteraen (sp) one is one I'm interested in, but haven't tried yet.

Also, there is a guy who like you just sold off his ASL this summer for similar reasons. I''m blanking on his name, he just retired and teaches at the College. He has a lot of similar stuff he wants to play instead of ASL also.

We used to get together on Mon or Tues nights every couple of weeks to play non-ASL stuff at my house. If there is interest this fall, maybe we could get that going again.

Yeah, I meant Combat Commander; I've got the Med module too. I just sold off my ASLSK (#1 & #2) along with the rest of my ASL stuff, but I may pick it up again (I've been listening to the "Two Half Squads" podcast and it gets me itching to go back!).

A College instructor, huh? And I'll have to contact Ken--thanks!

If you do get a group going, let me know--I can often do every other Tuesday night as my wife takes the little guy off to a "MOPS" meeting at church, so I have those nights in particular free.
For some reason I did not get the - post notice - when you came back below. we haven't started anything besides ASL yet, but you can also talk to David Allen who just contacted me, he lives in Gladstone MO - i think.
Yep, haven't lived in Gladstone since I was 12 years old. 6818 NE Belfontaine Ave, I think. I went to Chapel Hill Elementary School and Maple Park Jr. High. My girlfriend lived down the street from me....Debbie Chambers...wonder what happened to her? :)


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