Well, the long awaited game arrived in my mail today. Very sturdy box. Gorgeous components. Lots o' scenarios. If I had any complaint, it would be about the glossy finish on the maps, overlays, and counters--too much glare given my wargame room lighting. So I plan to spray some matte clear acrylic finish on these before trying my first game.

What a marvelous package. Begs to be played!

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I received it last week and felt it was one of the more lovely packages I have received in sometime. It does beg to be played and a quick read through of the scenairo's whets ones appetite.

Glad you guys like it. As Jeff and I went through the game we were constantly amazed at the clever scenarios Olivier designed. He is a master at scenario design. It's just a pitty that there aren't any Americans to fight with in 1940. :-)
Maybe we can talk Olivier into some WWI French scenarios when the time comes.
Oh, I'd love that. All I've got right now are SPI's venerable old SOLDIERS game and Clash of Arms LANDSHIPS. Seen the WW I tactical title from Grenier Games but haven't gotten it yet--am awaiting the press on it.
Oh, I don't know about needing Americans in 1940. I love early war situations and have been anxiously awaiting this game because of that. Can't get everyone to play CROIX DE GUERRE ASL and Critical Hit's STONNE HASL Squads 'n Leaders stuff and there's not a lot in COMBAT COMMANDER to sink one's teeth into. Oh, there's the ATS version of STONNE too, but...

I'd been waiting for PANZERGRENADIER's treatment of this topic, MMP's LAS BARRICADAS! style treatment, but this has arrived first and is an attention grabber. Physically, this will be tough to beat and the variety of scenarios is incredible. Can't wait to play it (and read about those scenarios in the PDF magazines when you publish them, Mark!). Looks like a rich playing experience. And I like breaking out the 3d Edition Lock N Load rules from the "special rules" needed for the particular game.

At last, a satisfying tactical treatment of the French in 1940 that doesn't require a huge rulebook and tons 'o time to play!

Agreed - don't care to see the Americans in 1940. YAWN.

Will you be heading to ASLOK this year? If so, I just may take you up on that CROIX DE GUERRE scenario.

I love the early war stuff. If I had the time I would do a Polish module for LnL, but alas that will not happen in the near future.
I wish I was going to ASLOK, but alas--military stuff is taking precedence (as always!).
Better late than never!
I'd like to see a BEF module featuring the counter attack at Arras, and the withdrawal to Dunkirk.
Well, I broke down and bought HOTB tonight. With so many other games i want, not to mention other LnL series, I hope I will get to play. Perhaps my next deployment will actually give me a little down time between missions. Anyway, the artwork is beautiful. The counters too! Great work Olivier and Dave- truly beautiful. No one can be perfectly happy without a critique for the money; my low-level gripe is I am never really a fan of overlays, yet they are a necessary evil to allow for varied scenarios at cost. So I wish the overlays were not necessary.
Can't wait to see how the games play out. Any recommendations on scenarios?

P.S. What is with the USMC hero "Bragg" counter with the tommy gun?????
Nothing about "Bragg" was ever fun! LOL


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