So I figured I'd add one more... I think it would be perfect for LNL. All this talk about the 80's over at LNL reminded me...

Sandinista versus Contra... That could be very interesting - and the maps could be reused for a number of theaters.. But would it be tasteless?

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Not sure, Andy. As you know, war in general is tasteless. By the same token, we all worry a bit too much about that. If Bing West writes a book about the 2nd Battle of Fallujah, no one thinks twice, but if someone wants to simulate the battle in a realistic first-person shooter (Konami's Six Days in Fallujah) people wet themselves. No one has ever been killed by a cardboard counter, or blamed PanzerBlitz for a killing spree. On the flip side... this is probably too esoteric a topic to be commercially successfull.
Yeah - I think the most redeeming thing is that all the war gamers (the hex and counter guys) I've met and I guess I'm one of them, is that we remember... That conflict still has resonance today.

You're probably right about the market but could provide good pure infantry scenarios.

Sometimes I think too much, oh well...
Battles magazine has a nice little article about this type of issue ("tasteless") in gaming... (Great magazne by the way)


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