Thoughts on a new scenario.... (WWII Soviet Partisans versus German security forces)

Here is something I would love to put together. I would design this as a DTP effort not a packaged piece. These are my initial thoughts so very rough draft but wanted to put it down on paper before I forgot.

So picture this for the components:

A set of Soviet VDV and partisan counters
A set of German counters for security (2nd line) and reaction force units
A set of special counters - a train counter, a set of German engineers, and train guards

There are four maps that is based on an arial view of a railway and some surrounding land. Near the line is a series of huts with a small improved position.
For play, these maps are placed lengthwise against each other, the "top" or the northen most maps is the item where rail line is.located.

I am picturing the following forces:
1. Soviet force which is a combination of partisans and Soviet regulars, maybe VDV units. They have one satchel charge - more on that later
2. Small German security force occupying the improved position, police forces not true regulars
3. German rapid reaction force, armoured cars, trucks and infantry
4. German train with engineers

Here are my initial thoughts on the the objectives in this scenario:
1. The Soviets would need to overcome the security forces before the reaction forces are called and arrived.
Do we need a phone line counter?

2. Once overcome the reaction force could still show up but at a later time - or could we use the train guards?

3. The Soviet's need to blow up the train line with the satchel charge before a train passes. What could we do if Soviets had lost satchel charge (unit carrying it killed)?

4. The train (a locomotive and tender counter (a 2" long counter) is placed on the eastern most hex at a given turn and could only move a a die role of counters a turn (both tracks and rails are in poor repair). Maybe this is the "America" or Fuerher train? Could be too much.

5. So if the Russians can blow up the rail line first, and hold off the engineers they win.

6. If the Germans repair the track and the train escapes, and some forces above a certain threshold survive - they win

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for #3, you could assume if the Soviets REALLY wanted to blow up the train, a certain number of squads could carry DCs. Other than that it looks interesting so far.
I designed a similiar scenario in NOSB titled "Bridge over the River Dnepr"(including some German 1-4-4 second line counters for security forces/ Engineers can be assault capable wehrmarkt), but it involves blowing a bridge.
As far as what you have proposed---I don't believe you need a phone counter---that's what activation chits/ a special rule is for.
I like your concept.


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