What are the LNL modules that folks most want to see... Give me your top three

This has been asked other places - but I'll ask it here too! I think it's fun to discuss.

My own personal top three (no comments on the Cold War yes I like the Cold War stuff):

Heroes Of The Gap - The LNL tie into the WAW world (CAN'T WAIT!!!)

Limited Contingent of Soviet Forces in Afghanistan (Soviet 79 - 85 vs. Muhajadeen) - emphasis on VDV and Spetznaz.

Red Dawn (a bit silly I know) - U.S. Irregulars versus Cuban Paratroopers and Soviet Occupation Forces

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I want to see the Mercenary module that was discussed a LONG time ago. Back when Forgotten Heroes was in print.

Mark, what is the status, if any, on this project?
#1: The Deadly Ground: Modern U.S. Infantry Combat. Scenarios drawn from OPERATION URGENT FURY, JUST CAUSE, OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM/ANACONDA, and much more besides.

#2: Update Lock N' Load: Vietnam to modern rules standards.

#3: The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Forces in Afghanistan versus the Mujahadeen, 1979 to 1989.
I agree, but I think some kind of game kit focusing on Afghanistan that would be especially valuable given the kind of fight that is evolving there.
Well... here's the real, honest to goodness scoop...We have run polls, asked opinions, etc, etc, but the reality is this... we are up to our chins in module design/refinement, marketing, editing, printing negotiations, etc, etc,... the chance of me **personally** designing a new LnL module within the next two years are slim and none. Including BoHV2 and FHV2 we currently have 5-6 LnL modules in the hopper for eventual P500 and production.

Other modules are possible, indeed other modules, modules none of us have even dreamed of, might yet be proposed, slapped on P500, and published before some of the aforementioned five or six. For that to happen, you guys would need to design them. That isn't as big a deal as it sounds. After all the game system is in place. So, if you want to see a module put together a proposal, and send it our way. You might be the designer of the next Noville...or maybe that hill where the Russian paratroopers fought the Chechans.

Jerusalem '48?

Famous Raids - sort of the same scope as SPI's Raid!, a game I thoroughly enjoyed playing.
Thanks Mark - yeah - a lot of this is just fantasy but it's always fun to talk about.... But to all the readers out there - this is a great forum to put your ideas for modules down and have the peers review them. Could be a lot of fun and could speed up development.
However an Heroes of Sand with Afrika Korps and Italians in North Afrika lacks in the collection.
And wars - not just WWII...


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