Do you have a current favorite? Do you stick to designed-for-solitaire games like Silent War, or do you play two-player games solo?

Let us know what you're up to.

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I Play all my games solo, most recently Combat Commander which actually plays quite well solo. I do also like to get specifically designed games, Igot Fields of Fire at christmas and have pre-ordered kaisers pirates
Currently, I am going through the Band of Heroes Noville scenarios solo. I usually play each scenario once or twice before setting up for the next one. It plays quite well solo since the game mechanics don't involve hidden information. I just switch sides and do the best I can for whatever side I am playing. I use a 1d6 to make some of the decisions for me, particularly setup. For example, for "Roadblock" I break up the American and German forces into three groups each (per the scenario rules) and then roll the die to assign each group to a particular area of the map.
I found both CCE and BOH in Somilia to be both very user friendly for solo play. The new Drive on Kursk and Bulge game by Decision Games were nice solo play games. Easy to play but challenging.
I've done Battletech and Memoir'44 and Battle Cry solo this month. The latter two are neary no-brainers as all you do is roll dice and play a card each turn. Battletech seems to offer more but can still turn into a dice-fest.
I have Worthington's map setup for their excellent game Victoria Cross...the Zulus look like they may break thru near the store house...Hornet Leader 11...still trying to take out the targets Migs defence with 2 of my pilots stressed and almost out of missiles...and my all-time favs Lock'nLoad (DOH, BOH & DOH) I have found always found playing these games excellent solo-of course FTF is a blast too but hard to find opponents-Vassal is very helpful there of course.
Due to time and proximity issues, I have mostly played my games solo, the ones that were unsuitable just dropped out. And the ones that were, I utilised their systems to tweak other games.
I use combination of encounter mechanism from RANGER and ASL/SOLITAIRE...
very often I use maps from AMBUSH or ASL/KAMPFGRUPPE or the small folding boards from ASL and FIREPOWER and restrict LOS to one gameboard and random add the next as troops advance...
hidden obejctives in the style of ASL "Suspect ?" counters, ever since I found AMBUSH sleevejacket computing too slow...
RAID ON St.NAZAIRE is one of my most favorite solitaire scenarios, I an in the porcess of creating that in a tabletop version with SEEKRIEG and PCCS ARTILLERY rules to cover the coastal battery bombardment of motorlaunches coming in fro attack...
one of my major areas of interest has been scenarios of Finnish Long Range Recon Patrol activities in Finn/Russian continuation war of 1942-44, I have created several tabletop scenarios using all of the above systems combined with PCCS modelling mechanics, one of them I conducted as PBEM (email-game) scenario that ran for about two years
There's a lot of good solitaire-only games out there, so I don't have a particular favorite at the moment. I bounce between a fair number of them. What's more interesting are the two-player games that are also good solitaire games. Especially on the tactical and operational scales. Of the tactical games, systems that rely on random activations with no limited intelligence (either regarding cards or unit IDs) are preferred. Lock 'N Load's WORLD AT WAR games--and the NATIONS AT WAR/WHITE STAR RISING game--do well here. So does Avalanche Press's Panzergrenadier series of games. I've solitaired Lock 'N Load's "Heroes" tactical series and done relatively well with that--have had somewhat less success with COMBAT COMMANDER and CONFLICT OF HEROES because of the cards. But even knowing what cards the players have doesn't significantly compromise the ability to solitaire these games. On the operational scale, I love solitairing MMP's IGS games A VICTORY LOST and A VICTORY DENIED because they are so dynamic. Also like the older area games like MONTY'S GAMBLE: MARKET GARDEN, BREAKOUT NORMANDY, and TURNING POINT: STALINGRAD for solitaire. Hope to try my hand at GMT's ROADS TO LENINGRAD solitaire at some point.

I just preordered Phantom Leader Deluxe (DVG). I've heard good things about it. Hope I like it.


Meanwhile, I've picked up a copy of Firepower (AH). Owned it years ago, when it was new, but never did much with it. Thought I'd give it another go.

If I had to pick a favorite it would be Raid on Saint Nazaire. I have to have the rulebook in my hand every time, but but its tough as nails.  I have to play most stuff solo, my buddies since high school and college can't show up too often and I'm an agoraphobic. Strange how that crept up on me.  Well, that problem is why I'm a solo player.

Solo on the PC (Vassal, Cyberboard, Zun Tzu) is my only way to play, due to time limitations and lack of space to set up a FTF table game.

I find many standard two-player wargames play just fine solitaire, especially if they have some mechanisms to limit command-control (chit-pull activation systems, etc.) I also incorporate some house rules to get around things like the placement of mines and wire obstacles.


Some current and recent favorites include:

Saint-Lo (West End Games 1986)

Where Eagles Dare (MMP, 2012)

Death Ride Salerno: 16th Panzer (Grognard Simulations, 2011)

I thought Vassal was just for playing games via the web?   I was on their site trying to investigate and it looked as complex as the thing there was for DOS many moons ago.  The download seems free but heck how does the whole interface work. with modules.


They have a help manual I think but reading stuff on the screen is hard for some reason. For example when I had the DOS 5 manual on my lap I could figure out anything.  If I had a manual telling me how to build a 386, I could turn my XT into a 386.  But reading things off a screen seems seems much harder.  It is as if it doesn't register.  I've never bought any readers because I don't think I could use them.

I've drifted a bit far,  but I thought Vassal was only for internet play.  

No, you can play VASSAL modules PBEM, Live online, or solo.


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