Miniatures battles lend themselves to storytelling. Write up your battles and post the reports. Give the pertinent information as to the scenario, key moves, and results. You can be matter of fact or go novelist! Let's spread the fun of playing miniatures. It's also a great way for people to learn how to develop scenarios! I'm including A Nation Divided and two orders of battle. A Nation Divided is a set of American Civil War rules at a brigade level that can be played with 6mm, HO, or even 54mm scale troops. The rules are based on La Gloire de Guerre from my book, The Games of War. The orders of battle are for the Armies of Noethern Virginia and the Potomac.

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Star Wars space battle 2
Place – Bookends Café
Date – April 8-2009
Time of game – about 40 minutes

The scenario was repeated from a game played at school. Rebel transports with an escort are attempting to establish a base after the Hoth debacle. Eight X wing and four Y wing fighters, along with a cruiser arrive at the planet only to meet a patrol of eight Tie fighters and one star destroyer. Battle is engaged and four Tie fighters are blown up (one fighter equals four in scale). The star destroyer launches eight more Tie fighters and the rest of the Rebel fleet arrives, eight Y fighters, twenty-four X wings, one cruiser, two star defenders, six transports, and one headquarters ship. The reinforcements promise to turn the battle against the Imperial destroyer when a super star destroyer arrives and begins launching Tie fighters.
The super star destroyer and star destroyer combine fire to blast the cruiser and it is left a wreck. Then, for reasons that no one knows, three fully loaded transports break formation and take up a position near the stricken cruiser. The super star destroyer and star destroyer both fire on one of the transports and it’s blown to pieces with everyone on board!
In the meantime, there are several dogfights among the fighters while Luke Skywalker leads a charge against the super star destroyer. The super star destroyer and the star destroyer fire on the escorting star defenders while the Tie fighters send the crippled cruiser and her crew to perdition. The Rebels concentrate all their fire against the leviathan. Hit repeatedly, her shields waver but then Luke Skywalker launches his two torpedoes. The Force guides the weapons to a weak point and the super star destroyer shudders. Power levels drop precipitously. Her fire slackens. Around the area, even as the Tie fighters maneuver in combat, there is an awareness that something bad has happened to their flagship.
Again the Rebels press home the attack on the behemoth. The shields are down and the smoldering fires blaze in a dozen locations. Grand Moff Shelby is advised that the great ship is beginning to break apart and that she might do well to retire to an escape pod. Although the cry to abandon ship is sent out, many crew and stormtroopers fail to reach the pods. The Imperial flagship erupts in a series of explosions sending debris in all directions.
Now vastly outnumbered, the Imperial star destroyer flees the scene. The Tie fighters break off action and head for the nearby planet. Although the Rebels have won the battle, they cannot build their base on this planet as the Imperials know about it. They collect Grand Moff Shelby as a prisoner and leave for another rendezvous. Though Grand Moff Shelby is a prisoner, at least she won’t have to face the disappointment of Darth Vader!
Luke Skywalker was Brendon, assisted by Austin. The rules used were Line of Battle Naval Rules from The Games of War.
Rome vs. Carthage
1/32nd scale
Oak Lawn Library
April 15, 2009
Start 1:30, finish 3:00
Elapsed time 90 minutes approximately

Hannibal (Austin) squared off against Scipio (Shelby, assisted by Brendon). The Romans had 2 legions with approximately 12,400 men at arms. The Carthaginians had 12,600 men, but most were hoplites.
The Carthaginians initiated contact by crossing the stream that divided the two forces. Missile fire devastated the Roman light infantry on the right flank while cavalry action on the Roman left flank wiped out the Roman light infantry there. The Carthaginians pushed their hoplites in support of their own right wing which was led by Hannibal himself. The Carthaginian infantry charged the Roman right wing and inflicted casualties on its archers and cavalry, but at a heavy cost.
The Roman legion on the right wing had suffered heavy infantry losses but had dealt the same. The Carthaginian cavalry, though reinforced, lost heavily. Among the casualties was Hannibal himself. The loss of their charismatic leader saw the spread of panic until fully half the Carthaginian army left the field in rout. The remaining cavalry and hoplites on their right wing kept their discipline and carried the seriously wounded commander back to their camp.
Casualties among the Romans came to 2,400. Carthage lost 3,600, had their general incapacitated, and left the field of battle in disarray!
6mm Napoleonic Blocks
France vs. Russia, October 1812
Time 3pm to 4pm.
Elapsed time – about 60 minutes
Location – Bookends Café

A French corps of two divisions was sent by Napoleon to cross a river and swing into the flank of Kutusov’s army. Opposing the French were three brigades of infantry, four batteries of artillery, and several brigades of cavalry.
The French advanced along two roads converging on a bridge that crossed the river that separated them from their objective. The division led by General Brendon moved due east. As quickly as he could, he set up his two batteries of artillery on a hill to lend supporting fire. Unfortunately, one of his batteries was hit hard while deploying. His advancing column took casualties forcing him to deploy a line of skirmishers.
General Shelby arrived from the north and marched the line infantry of her three brigades in column and unsupported. The enterprising Russian General Austin had his brigade of Cossacks charge across the river (it was fordable along that side) and took the column of infantry in the flank AND rear. The slaughter was terrible. All three brigades broke and ran, hunted down by the Cossacks! A brigade of dragoons galloped down the road to come to their infantry’s belated aid, but was in turn hit in front, flank and rear by Russian dragoons. The understrength French lost two thirds of their number and surrendered.
The French were compelled to withdraw (and face Napoleon’s wrath!) as they had lost fully a third of their force with nothing to show for it. The Russians still had their forces intact in good defensive positions.
Russian casualties were about 100 dragoons. French casualties were 400 dragoons, 100 gunners, 1,900 infantry. They had 400 dragoons and 1,200 infantry taken prisoner.
Battle of St. Die November 3, 1944.
St. Die is on the Meurthe River.
Us 7th Army vs. German Army Group G.
US 3rd Infantry Division vs. 716 Volks Grenadier Division

The Yanks had just captured the little town of St. Die on the Meurthe River with the bridge intact. Resistance had been light because the advance had been so swift. However, the Germans were quick to counterattack to retake the lost ground. A reinforced company of volks grenadiers led by 5 sturmgeschutz attacked the Amis in the town. A short but fierce bombardment allowed the Germans (Chris and Jimmy) to nearly reach the Meurthe River before the Americans (Bob and Joshua) opened up.
Using the assault guns as infantry support weapons, the Germans rushed infantry up to the river and attempted to clear the bridge of daisy chain mines. Though they took casualties, their fire began to thin out the Americans ranks. The US commander (Bob) got in touch with battalion artillery support. Notified that due to the logistics nightmare, they could only fire one salvo, Bob opted for it to land on the reregistered target, the bridge. It was a spectacular hit, killing the 3 Germans using it for cover and bringing it down.
The Meurthe River was fordable but at some risk as the water was chest high. Assault guns attempting to cross it ran the risk of sticking in the mud. One hapless German soldaten was buried into the riverbank when a sturmgeschutz crossed the river. Another infantryman was ground into patties when another Sturmgeschutz made an unforeseen turn.
A US machinegun in the church bell tower chewed up the German infantry on the US right flank until a 75mm high explosive shell hit it. The battery of 3 mortars soon lost their observer and only resumed firing, and then quite blindly, when the Germans were storming across everywhere. It was then that they made the luckiest shot of the day. The mortar round landed on the back of a sturmgeschutz, killing the three infantry riders and igniting the engine!
A frantic call for help got the arrival of a solitary Sherman tank from the Free French Deuxieme Blindee (armor division). It proceeded to blow up an unsuspecting sturmgeschutz. Even so, the German infantry were threatening to overrun the American defenses.
The game ended when its 4 hour time limit was reached. 10 more French Sherman tanks were due to arrive with the next turn. The US forces, besides the one tank and 3 mortars, had 27 infantry left. They had lost 38.
The Germans had 134 infantry left, 3 sturmgeschutz, 1 halftrack for the regimental commander, and the company 75mm gun. They had lost 2 sturmgeschutz and 58 infantry. The game lasted 4 hours. The rules were Bloody Tarawa/Bocage from The Games of War.
If I did this right, there should be a pdf file with an order of battle for Napoleon's Grande Armee in 1812.
This is the order of battle for Napoleon's Grande Armee around August of 1812. It's set up to print labels to use for organizing Napoleonic HO figures using La Gloire de Guerre in The Games of War, but it would be helpful to anyone organizing their Napoleonic armies, whatever scale. Substitute stand of figures for figure and you're ready to invade Russia!
This is the order of battle for Barclay de Tolly's Russian army in 1812, tailored for La Gloire de Guerre in The Games of War. However, it can be used with any system if you substitute stands for figures.


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