My gaming group has finished a World in Flames game along with Days of Decision III.  We also used all the additions to WiF except for Leaders in Flames, we used the new Factory in Flames.  We had the Americas map and the heavy units from AiF.   All this is one heck of a monster game.  With DoDIII, Wif has now so many directions it can go in.  I think this is the grandest monster I have played.  I beats War in Europe, War in the East, Highway to the Reich, etc.  The only other monster that comes close is putting all the EFS games together in a truly monster game on the East Front.


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Hey all,

Well you have some rather good Monster Games here - but I believe you forgot the Decision games War in the Pacific, the remake of the classic SPI game. If my memory is good it covers about 1/3 of the globe, some 330+ islands to fight over on individual maps and with whopping 9,000 (yes that is nine thousand) pieces when you include the expansion kit.

The another game I would include a couple of my all time favorites Guderian's Blitzkrieg II and Case Blue of the MMP/ the Gamers OCS game system. I believer together there are some 6,0000 playing pieces.

I would also include Drang nach Osten and adding the expansions Unentschieden which is the Grand Father of the Europa games basically covers the War in the East from Army down to Battalions.

To get away from WW II also consider Siege of Jerusalem there is another of my favorite Monster Games and I can tell you it takes a lot to crack that nut of Jerusalem - especially with 4 Roman Legions assaulting the city!

Don't get me wrong WIF along with DoD III is a great monster games, And the EFS games definitely give GB II and Case Blue - But I really thing you have forgotten several Monster games Like Longest Day (AH), Atlantic Wall (both SPI and Decision Games), and I am not sure how you want to treat Games Like Advanced Squad Leader (ASL- Avalon Hill and MMP), Advanced Tobruk System (ATS- Critical Hit), Panzer Grenadier (PG- Avalanche Games), Great Battles of History (GBoH - GMT) ? These games have a lot of pieces but it is very rare when you get large games up - but there have been games that have used hundreds to thousands of pieces to play a large battle like Kursk, El Alamain, Stalingrad, or even the Normandy Landings.

So I guess what I am trying to get at is that no one game or even game system can really be crowned the largest or for that matter even the best of the monster games it is what each play wants the game to be. So if there are any players who are not to far from Hamilton, NJ 08619, and want to play any of the a for mentioned games I have most of them in my collection just drop me a note and lets play

Sounds like apples and oranges to me. I have to agree with Ron that WIF/DOD3 with all the "bells and whistles" is probably the "biggest" monstergame in terms of being the "widest" in scope--as he says, it "now has so many directions it can go in." Physically, there are other games that are bigger--and Dave is right with his observations regarding the second edition of WAR IN THE PACIFIC. That's probably the biggest single wargame out there right now in terms of physical components and space needed to play. Of course, there are Europa series players who can put a number of games together (like you can with GMT's EFS) that might be bigger in sum, but that's the only way to trump WAR IN THE PACIFIC in terms of sheer physical size and number of counters...maybe.

And yes--the best monstergame? That elusive beast? It's all a matter of taste. I can definitely tell you which monsters I didn't like, but which one is my favorite? Too, too tough. So many good ones out there, even if they may have some play balance flaws and there's so many I've not yet played thoroughly....
Like the Europa series, SPW's Der Weltkrieg series is heading towards pretty-durn-big when combined (I don't think it matches Europa yet?).

I immediately thought of War in the Pacific too; I'm not too familiar with either of the editions, but it also has all those maps.

I think my personally owned biggest is a tie between Atlantic Wall and The Battle for Normandy (I'm not counting ASL stuff here--we're talking monster games, not monster game systems).


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