Here's my count of what's out there and I know there's more coming:

In the beginning was USN. And it's been done in a Second Edition by Decision Games, USN DELUXE.

Next up was WAR IN THE PACIFIC. It too is in a Second Edition by Decision Games.

PTO is another by Decision Games and is now ADVANCED PACIFIC THEATER OF OPERATIONS (just been released). So right away we have three of these babies all currently in print by Doc Cummins/Decision Games. How about that.

Victory Games did Mark Herman's PACIFIC WAR. So successful in its design, the redesign of WAR IN THE PACIFIC lifted a good deal off it.

AH had the old EMPIRE OF THE SUN which has been redone and absorbed into Bruce Harper's/GMT's A WORLD AT WAR (now being redone yet again, I'm told).

Avalanche Press has the "streamlined" GREAT PACIFIC WAR which shares much of the same system with John Prados's THIRD REICH (not to be confused with the older editions that AH had--this is a good bit different).

Pacific Rim has gone a big game in the works, but it has yet to see the light of day. GDW used to have PEARL HARBOR, but nobody has clamored for that game to come back.

Games that may or may not be considered monstergames, depending on your definition include Task Force Games EAST WIND RAIN, Hobby Japan's PACIFIC FLEET, and GMT's EMPIRE OF THE SUN

Regarding subtheaters/campaigns, there's MMP's OCS BURMA game, GRD's WAR OF THE RESISTANCE and THE DAMNED DIE HARD (both in the Glory! Europa derivative). I am not going to count Avalanche's TIGER OF MALAYA into the monstergame category, although some will beg to differ. But I will include the massive LEYTE GULF game, part of the Second World War At Sea series! And if we're going to do that, I suppose Battleline/AH's old FLAT TOP, Yaquinto's CV, and other naval games ought to be included. But I'm loathe to do that in this particular discussion group...

Which ones do you like? Which ones turn you off? What are your favorite Pacific War monstergame stories?

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Well I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I even own this game, but you forgot it in your list. And that game is Eagle and the Sun by Fresno Gaming Association (FGA)! The very nice looking and totally un-playable game. If any one has figured out how to play this Monster game, please drope me a note!

As for my favorite Pacific Game would be Flat Top/CV (I always put these two together), then Pacific War, and then Burma. The only reason why War in the Pacific Decision games version) is not up there is because I have not had a chance to play it!
Ah, perhaps I should list that as well. I've not had a chance to play it either. I think it qualifies as monster game--if not due to the size of the game, then due to how long it takes to play it!
Yeah, I have my copy of FGA's EAGLE IN THE SUN too and it's best thought of as a kit for WAR IN THE PACIFIC (1st Ed). The map is shamelessly copied from it (save for the color scheme) as are much of the counterset. Some of those long ship counters, however, are gorgeous and I'd rather use them that what was in the original WAR IN THE PACIFIC. Never developed a set of home grown rules to retrofit selected components, though.
I have VG's Pacific War. I've set it up and played through a couple of Operational level scenarios. It's a "serious" wargame. I enjoyed it, reminded me a bit about work (I am a project manager) so maybe not everyone's cup of tea. The design is impeccable, if sometimes a bit difficult to get one's head round. One of those classic experiences where you read the rules, don't really grasp everything, set-it up, start of, struggle forward, read more, struggle more, move, fight, read, scratch head and then the clouds part and a shaft of brilliant sunlight beams down onto the map and suddenly enlightenment arrives and all those "why?" questions are answered all at once. Good experience.

Advanced PTO - I've been considering a purchase. Are there any reviews around or anyone have a comment on it?


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