Anybody give these incredibly amazing games in the LACE WARS series a try? They generally cover some relatively esoteric subjects, but the graphical treatment, system, and historical commentaries are absolutely first-class. Plus, I may be biased, but I love a game where you don't care whether you win or lose your campaign--what matters is how much publicity (promotions, awards, offices) you as the ranking general can get!

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Lastest from Ian Weir of Red Sash Games:

Hello Everyone,

This newsletter is going out to all Red Sash Games customers and retailers. This is my first attempt at using bulk mailing software, and while I think I’ve organised the mailing list correctly, there could be errors. So, if you do not understand why you are receiving this letter, or you received half a dozen copies, please contact me so I can correct the problem! (I hate spam just as much as the rest of you). Eventually I'll figure out how to set up an automated subscription group. For now, just email me.

I would also like to remind you that we now have a News page on our website, which is why my infrequent flyers have become more infrequent.

New Products

RSG is pleased to announce we are starting production of our 7th game in the Lace Wars series, Remember Limerick! (The exclamation point is part of the title). RL! deals with the war of 1689-91 in Ireland, between James II and William of Orange. You can find the historical details on our website (look under the list of games on the left side bar).

The boxed game, with die cut counters, will retail for $100 USD.
We are accepting money for pre-orders, and the pre-order price is $70 USD.

RL! also has a set of bonus maps which change the scale by 200% (9 maps instead of 2), which we are selling separately to reduce the cost of the game.

The cost of the bonus map set is $40, or $30 as a pre-order.

A DTP version of the game will also be available, for $77.

We do plan to release a DDV (digital download version) of the game, but not until our shelves are cleared! You can expect the price of the DDV to be about 1/3 of the DTP price.

Retailers, please contact me for pricing.

A lot of (married?) people are finding it harder to justify buying games these days; if the funding is not there just now, you should still ask for a copy. That way we can ensure the printers produce enough. Pre-order prices will remain in effect until shortly after the game’s release. You can also check our website for a list of retailers.

The release date is scheduled for just after the year end holidays.

Old Titles

Now is the time to request boxed copies of our older titles. We were pretty well sold out of all our games, but the new print run gives us an opportunity to produce some more at an affordable cost. These games will only be printed by special order, and will be discounted to their own pre-order prices. They will be available at the same time as RL! is released. By the way, copies of COE, SOK, and QG will be the upgraded (3.5) versions (only Charlie's Year remains to be upgraded).

Other News

In addition to RL! a number of other projects have been completed this year:

1) Upgrading the rules for Cockpit, Sport of Kings, and Queens’ Gambit to the new series standard (version 3.5).

2) A comprehensive example of play for version 3.5.

3) A Cyberboard mod for Turkenkrieg, designed by David L. Jones.

4) A Vassal mod for Cockpit (thanks to Joel Toppen). Hopefully he will have the time to create other mods for the series.

5) As I mentioned above, we now offer DDV versions of all of our games. These are essentially the DTP version of the game, available electronically - that is, you have to print and assemble the components yourself.

That's all for now, except I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last few years. We greatly appreciate it!

Best Regards,
Ian Weir

Red Sash Games
2834 Rockwell Ave
Victoria BC
V9A 2M9
(250) 380 1938
Just got the redesign of the Lace Wars second edition of CHARLIE'S YEAR, which has a lot of extra bells and whistles on it. Not only can you do the "the '45" Jacobite Rebellion, you get the HIGHLAND QUORUM module for the "Rising of the '15" as well as variants for 1719 and 1744 alternative histories. Wow.


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