First, Lance McMillan is taking the lead on this series for Victory Point Games.

Currently at the "art department" (i.e., with John Cooper) is Albion 20, the hypothetical invasion of England in late 1805. It uses the new v1.1 rules and introduces more new things to show what the system is capable of (for all your future designers in this series). There's new terrain like minor rivers, fords, swamps, and slopes. The British have a new Militia type infantry unit with its own exclusive/optional rule.

After that will be Borodino 20. We were going to include Smolensk 20 with it, but with the addition of a third game using the same set of counters covering the Russian Campaign of 1812, we decided to lump the latter two together for a future "expansion kit."

Speaking of "expansions," Bussaco 20 will be after that, our first "system expansion" game. It covers the battle between Wellington and Messina in Spain and is a very interesting game situation. It will be budget-priced and require ownership of any other Nappy 20 Series game, because it has only 32 counters, no standard rules booklet, charts or tables (you have scrounge those from any other game in the series).

I'm not sure where Lance is taking us after that. Austerlitz, perhaps? He's got a bucketloada stuff in reserve (and needs more!).

Alan Emrich

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Really looking forward to these games. Can't wait for Borodino and Austerlitz to appear. What does Bussaco expand on Jena?
Well, you'll see it also has an artillery unit (like Borodino 20) and Portuguese units (that, using the exclusive optional rule, have pretty shaky morale). Here's a look at the pieces. The map is particularly interesting, but I don't have a shot of it right now.

What is the area/location on Bussaco?
Spain. It's an interesting situation. We're testing the "lower limits" of the scale that this system can handle.
Bussaco is in Portugal ;) The battle was fought just before Wellington fell back to the Torres Vedras line
Well it's been awhile since I even looked at Social. For the Nappy20 series we have out now Borodino,Smolensk and Bussaco. We have in the art department Austerlitz and Vittoria. We're playtesting right now the Expansion Kit which includes the game Gzhatsk. which is part of the Russia20 set(Borodino,Smolensk) You'll need the Borodino game to play since they use thiose counters.

Lance has his Germany series coming up including the first installment of Dresden. I have Wagram & Bautzen witing to enter for testing and Alan/Lance have had my La Rothiere game since last year. Maybe that one will daylight yet.

I guess thats all for now.


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